How Do You Hide an “Elefant” in a Tree?

More news from World of Tanks.

While I have obstinately refused to learn anything about the game not obvious from the front page of their site, I did sign up for their newsletter since my first post about the game and have already received two updates, both of which were short and to the point.  (Take note Funcom.)

First, they gave an interview at the site MMOGRPITALIA (not as amusing as POWERGENITALIA, but oh well), which is available in an English translation here. (The forum post I linked seems okay to read, but DO NOT visit their main site, it is spyware/trojan central.)

Then, in the second newsletter, they announced the advancement tree through which you will have to work to be able to drive the German panzer of your choice.  From the page indicated in the newsletter:

German Tank Tree Available in Gallery

Our Art gallery now contains the German tank tree that will guide you through all the development branches you’ll have to follow to reach for your desired steel giant.

Bear in mind, the tree represents all the armored vehicles that will be available by the release date. It does not contain such machines as Jagdtiger, Panther II, or the famous E Series prototypes, all of which will be added to the German fleet of tanks soon after the final version of World of Tanks goes online.

To see the German tree, go to the Art gallery.

The actual tree is available as a graphic.

you can spec for "Panther" or "Tiger" but not both

The Elefant in question is in fact hidden in the tree under its other name, Ferdinand.

So it looks like we’ll have to start out in a Panzer I and work our way up.  That should be a joy, playing against armored vehicles in a tank with only 2 machine guns, for players who start after day one.

Still, I can’t wait to see the British and Soviet trees.

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