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February in Review


After an outstanding, record breaking January here, along came February.

There is a reason we tend to travel in February.  Even in California February tends to be a chilly, gray month.  Work also tends to ramp up as certain departments finally sober up from the holidays and start making demands, leading to long hours at the office.  Werner Herzog could no doubt express the feeling February sometimes has better than I can.

So things settled down to the normal routine here, with the usual tales of the instance group and minor achievements carried on along with the occasional mention of new or upcoming games.

One Year Ago

My 8800GT video card died.  That was the second one to go.

I had been looking at my dis-used GAX Online account and wondered what gamer social networking needed to be viable.  Since then, GAX Online has shut down.

PLEX showed up in EVE Online a year ago.  In game I got the mining foreman mindlink as a storyline mission drop, I upgraded to a Raven Navy Isssue, and finally bought the freighter for which I had been training.  And then there was the whole Goonswarm dismemberment of BOB in EVE Online, which made the BBC news.

I was still active in Middle-earth, playing characters on Nimrodel.  Looking for a class on which to affix the Reynaldo Fabulous name, I put up a poll on the subject.  While Minstrel won the poll, Reynaldo ended up being a hunter with a fabulous hat.  And when I wasn’t fooling around with alts, I was leveling up my captain who made it all the way to Rivendell at one point.

While over in Azeroth, it was revealed that my mom plays WoW.  I wondered at how active Westfall seems to be most of the time.  But the answer to that seems to be the Deadmines, which I ran my mom and daughter through. (No dungeon finder back then!)  There was a little pet drama with my daughter who wanted a raptor.  I also managed my first exalted status with a faction in WoW, the Kalu’ak in Northrend.  I wanted that fishing pole.

On the Wii, we had Wii Music, which was crap, and LEGO Batman, which suffered a bit from being yet another variation in the successful LEGO video game franchise.

And then there was the usual bog war shenanigans as somebody was still looking to blame WoW and WoW players for Warhammer Online’s failure to meets its subscriber goals.  I think we’re all over that now, right?  Warhammer did what it did on its own faults and merits in a market that was well known before they shipped.

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[This comment was repeated over a number of posts, thus actually spamming me.  The idea that I am somehow spamming Google shows a gross misunderstanding of how search engines work.]

EVE Online

In training and light economic mode.  Sales are still stable, with more ISK coming in every day.  I had a couple of friends leave the game recently and drop me their ships so I could use them for screen shots.  That has given me a whole new training agenda.  I’ll soon be able to fly all the battleships in the game.

Star Trek Online

It has been a month since STO launched and I have settled into something of a routine with the game.  Unlike my typical fantasy MMO playstyle, with STO I tend to log in, say hello to people on the channels, run a couple of missions, and log out.  Usually I am on for an hour or less at a stretch.

The game’s structure lends itself to that.  I can get in the right measure of space combat.  This is the same way I used to play Starfleet Command, in regular small bursts.

Of course, this playstyle does not lend itself to quick advancement.  That is why I am still on the cusp of becoming a Lt. Commander while somebody made Admiral on the blogger channel the other night.

World of Warcraft

With two holiday events to feed my completionist obsession, I have spent more time playing WoW than anything else.  I actually knocked off all of the Love is in the Air achievements, but I have one left to do for the Lunar Festival.  However, that one is the dungeon elders, and I don’t think I am going to get it done in time.

Nintendo Wii/DS

We actually have a couple of new Wii games in the house that I will have to find some time to write about.  And there was that return to Pokemon Platinum.  But that sort of fell through.  We did not finish up the base game before the Pichu download event.

Coming Up

The Game Developers Conference up in San Francisco is coming in mid-March.  I plan to get up there on Thursday the 11th to wander around and see Brent, Darren, and Karen, plus anybody else who might be about.

And of course, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver ship just after that.  I’m sure I’ll have something to say on that subject.

Oh, and one more thing.  There will be a contest in March.