Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Joseph Stalin Sitting in a Tree…

I have at least one more tree headline to go I think.

Over at World of Tanks they have put out their Soviet tank tree to show the progression through the armored vehicles of the Red Army.  You can compare this with the German Tank tree.

Soviet Tank Tree Available

If you feel like going for the Red Army’s steel panzers, take a look at the Soviet tank tree. The tree will feature the vehicles that took part in epic WWII battles as well as prototype machines that never left factory gates in large numbers, such as the heavy IS-7.

The Soviet tank tree for World of Tanks

The Josef Stalin tanks (labeled “IS” because there is no “J” in Russian, so it should be “Iosef Stalin”) are there at the bottom of the heavy tank tree.

I’m surprised there is no KV-2 in the lineup.  That would have made an interesting entry in the self-propelled gun line up.