Werner Herzog reads “Madeline”

A further indulgence in the Fitzcaeraldo-like effort of this fake Werner Herzog to establish his own oeuvre with the interpretation of childhood classics through the lens of Werner Herzog.

Like life, this continued effort will simply lead to disappointment after disappointment as the freshness of the original parody can never be recaptured.  This is of course symbolic of exactly what these videos are trying to express, so we shall let things take their course, smug in our knowledge of the outcome.

“In truth, children are next door to sociopaths.”

Fake Werner Herzog

3 thoughts on “Werner Herzog reads “Madeline”

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hehe, let’s not even pretend, let’s just say we would like to see Werner Herzog make a movie about the creation of Vanguard with Klaus Kinski in the Brad McQuaid role.

    Granted, Klaus Kinski is dead… but if we’re wishing for things, we can wish that away too.


  2. Zardoz

    Oh yes that would work, but I was thinking more along the lines of the grindy thing. There’s a type of obsessive futility there that’s just waiting to be captured as art-house material.

    (BTW just stumbled across this, and given some of the things you have posted here, I think you might enjoy it. Not just socialist realism at its finest, but the bloke even *looks* like he’s run one too many late night instances…)


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