April Fools Contest Update 1

The contest update is that there is no contest update, really.

There is no update really because nobody has entered yet.  So there is NO competition currently to win a code for a WoW in-game pet.

One of these could be yours

And if there is only one entry, they will get the pet even if it is a variation on Leeroy with the title Jenkins.

So go read up on the contest and enter today to stop that from happening… or to enter your own variation on Leeroy.

2 thoughts on “April Fools Contest Update 1

  1. Azy

    I have been watching in Org and Dalaran on Shadowsong for something to submit, so far haven’t seen anything. It’s irksome, because I know I’ve come across name/title/guild combos in the past that amused me, but of course since I am actively SEEKING one, everyone is dreadfully dull. Or they use a lot of umlauts instead of being creative. Sigh.

    I’ll submit SOMETHING, if only because I have the monk already, and would love a little KT to go with it but refuse to spend the money =P


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