The Demise of Battleground Marks

World of Warcrafr Patch 3.3.3 dropped yesterday for those of us in North America, and a nice little patch it seems to be.  Not only was it a quick download, but it had some nice updates as listed out in the release notes.

One of the things that came with patch 3.3.3 was a move away from the marks of honor economy for battle ground rewards.

Rather than having to collect marks of honor from various battle grounds to buy certain items, everything will now be priced in honor points.  For those of us with a pile of marks still in our currency tab, we can turn those in for honor points at the rate of 1 mark for 185 honor.

Therein lies the problem for me.  That seems to be a pretty small return for a mark of honor.

My logic is as follows.

Before the change, you needed 90 marks of honor to buy one of the special mounts from the mount vendor.  Specifically, you had to have 30 Alterac Valley, 30 Arathi Basin, and 30 Warsong Gulch marks to buy the mount.

So, in my simplistic view of the world, turning in 90 marks ought to at least get me close to buying one of those very same mounts now that they are all priced in honor.

Only the price of those mounts is 50,000 honor points.  Turning in 90 marks of honor only gets me to 16,650 honor points, or exactly one third of the price of the mount.

Color me disappointed.

I guess can see not wanting to have a sudden surge of honor in people’s currency tabs…  um…

Actually, no, I cannot see wanting to avoid that.

What would be the harm?  You can’t trade honor or the items you purchase using honor.  We all earned those marks of honor.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I hate Warsong Gulch I probably would have had a couple of those mounts already.

On the other side of the coin, Blizzard relented on the idea of halving the amount of honor awarded for the weekly Wintergrasp quests.  That has been the source for the vast majority of my honor points in any case.

And they still offer up Wintergrasp marks of honor, which can be turned in for specific items.  And 9 Wintergrasp marks of honor will get you 2,000 honor points, making all other marks worth only 83% of a Wintergrasp mark.

11 thoughts on “The Demise of Battleground Marks

  1. Scott

    I did the math and bought all the mounts I could over the weekend. The Alterac Ram for 50 AV marks was even worse.

    On the plus side, it seems like you can get a lot more honor in battlegrounds now than before. It might all come out in the wash.


  2. Armagon

    I think you forgot the “all kills and objectives in battlegrounds now give double the amount of honor” change – so although it’s still a worse conversion, it’s only 50k to 32k, not 50k to 16k – if I didn’t miss any other change.

    The one *real* benefit I see here is that you don’t need to do slow Battlegrounds, especially those 30 WSG and AB marks took forever on my battlegroup. I don’t have any real numbers now, but doing a bit of Wintergrasp for (50k/3 ~=) 17k honor is *much* quicker than getting 30 Warsong marks.

    I’ve long completed the quest for all BG marks on my main, but if I was to get some on an alt, I think I’d really prefer doing Wintergrasp and AV or the new BGs to AB and WSG again. (Then again I played those 2 to exalted in the old honor system, maybe explains my lack of enthusiasm for returning)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Armagon – Actually, I did not forget that, I just did not see it as relevant to the point I was trying to make.

    The additional honor you can earn going forward in BGs is nice, but that does not change the fact that the marks I earned previously were worth around 90 per epic mount and got changed to 270 per mount.

    Overall, I like the move from a marks based economy to an honor based one. I just feel like we got a bit short changed on the conversion.


  4. Armagon

    Think this needs to be tested based on an individual playstyle. My girlfriend was a bit upset when she heard about the change because she thinks she can make 50k honor much quicker than the old marks took.

    I do agree that the real *conversion* doesn’t look good – but maybe the “time spent overall” is a better measure – at least for some people :)


  5. Suzanne

    I felt shortchanged, as well, having heard initially that we’d be getting a lot more than 185/mark. I guess I hadn’t been keeping up with the new info as well as I thought.

    That said, I am happy I’ll finally be picking up those mounts. My hatred of WSG meant I was unlikely to ever pick up another one. In my battlegroup, it would have likely meant suffering 30 WSG losses per mount, which was definitely not worth it. (Is WSG the Oculus of the BG’s? Hehe…)


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Not having to WSG is indeed a blessing. That is the primary reason I do not have any of those mounts yet. In the battle group to which my server attached, alliance seems to lose WSG every time. And not in a close fight, either. I went through a string of a dozen 3-0 shut outs. It turned out that I did not want one of those mounts bad enough to continue on that path, with the inevitable guy on raid chat telling us how badly we suck.


  7. girlgrey

    I agree, friends are the reason I stayed as long as I did. They all have moved along to other MMOs or RL stuff (blech)… and I was hoping there was some great, intoxicating, addicting content that would move me to play WoW without the friend aspect. ;)


  8. PeterD

    Well, the conversion rate is bad, but it could have been worse. They could have just deleted all battleground marks, or not given anywhere to turn them in :p


  9. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    LotRO did the same thing during the last patch. You used to be able to get a piece of equipment with 4 of an item from a dungeon. After the patch, it requires 15 of the new items (for example), but the conversion rate between the old and new item is 1:1.

    Guess that encourages you to run the old content more, eh? :P


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