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April Fools Contest – The Winner

And now comes the time that… several of you have been waiting for.  It is time to announce the winner of The Ancient Gaming Noob’s April Fools Contest!

It's a hat!

I’ve gone through the list, solicited opinions from key individuals, and reviewed the results of the poll.

Now to come to a decision!  Who will it be?

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World of Tanks Poetry Contest?

World of Tanks announced today on their site that they are having a poetry contest.

Tank Poetry Contest

For all bookworms among you as well as those who believe there’s a Robert Burns buried somewhere deep inside their personality, we are announcing a new contest that begins straight away!

We are offering you to compose a poetic text dedicated to your favorite armored vehicle presented in the World of Tanks. It doesn’t matter if you come up with a Shakespeare-style sonnet, use Dante’s “Divine Comedy” tercet style, or even practise in blank verse. What matters most is that your poetic dedication should be captivating and emotional. And it might be funny as well! In a word, we are looking for something really outstanding.

Please leave your masterpieces in comments to this article on our Forum.

The contest will last till 9 April 2010. At 1 p.m. GMT the topic will be closed, and the winners will be announced on 12 April 2010.

The winner will get two WoT T-shirts and five invites to the closed beta testing.

The runner-up will be awarded with one T-shirt and three invites.

Finally, one T-shirt and one invite will go to the third place.

Best of luck to all the contestants! May the muse be with you!

Just because it is April 1st doesn’t mean it has to be a joke, right?

They also have a new teaser trailer out.  I’m not sure what to make of it.

April Fools at Blizzard – 2010

[This is about the 2010 Blizzard April Fools. 2011 is covered here.]

As usual, Blizzard has a series of April Fools items around their various sites.

There is the Battle.Net Neural Interface.

A new way to connect!

On the WoW front, they have announced the Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number (E.P.E.E.N.), that includes a graphic measurement of who has more.  Not quite up there with last year’s Battle Dance System, but okay.

Now we know whose really is bigger!

The Blizzard site also has some fantastic announcements around two mobile games, Blackthorne 2 and Queen’s Quest.

Over at the Diablo III site there was the X-treme Gamer Blanket.

That is all I have spotted up to this point.  There wasn’t anything obvious on the StarCraft site, but they might be too busy with beta and launch plans to play the April Fools game.

Did I miss anything in my morning run through the land of Blizzard?  Did they announce that the change of relationship between Blizzard and Activision was just an April Fools?  One can only hope.


A reader comment from David pointed out that there is also a Deckard Cain GPS Voice Pack page, the old Two-headed Ogre player character story brought to life, and a new Battle.net Matchmaking service to add to the Blizzard April Fools list.

Battle.net's April Fool Page

Such fun.  Anything out there exclusive to the EU Blizzard sites?

Are You Addicted To FarmVille?

Do you play FarmVille?

Are you worried that you may, perhaps, be addicted?

Are you concerned that all that fun might be sucking you into the game and feeding obsessive compulsive behavior?

Well, Liquid Generation has a thoughtful quiz full of pertinent questions which will help you determine if you are addicted!

Fortunately, I do not appear to be addicted.  My result was as follows:

It is hard to argue with that.