April Fools Contest – The Winner

And now comes the time that… several of you have been waiting for.  It is time to announce the winner of The Ancient Gaming Noob’s April Fools Contest!

It's a hat!

I’ve gone through the list, solicited opinions from key individuals, and reviewed the results of the poll.

Now to come to a decision!  Who will it be?

But first I would like to take a minute to talk to you about an exciting new multi-level marking opportunity that will help you achieve the financial independence you deserve… what?  Oh, wait.  We’ll get to that.

Which was the most humorous Name/Title combination?  Even now, as I am typing this, there is some doubt as to whom I will pick.  There were some good entries.

Dora the Explorer and Chef Boyardee must be good, at least when you consider how many people in the game have those name/title combination.  Go search the Armory and see.

Certainly Ambassador Bridge was amusing, at least if you live in Detroit or Windsor.

And Grandma the Insane had a certain, silly charm to it.

Crusader Aura, being a paladin ability and actually the name and title of a paladin in-game, gives it a certain recursive appeal.

And Ipity the Love Fool was a another good in-game reference.

But, in the end, I have to pick just one winner.

And the winner is Elder Berry!

It is simple, it is amusing, and it has that Monty Python connection from Holy Grail going for it.  It was a tough decision, but that is where I ended up.

So Kevin will be getting the World of Warcraft in-game pet Lil KT.  Look for the code in email by the end of the week!

I did get a few amusing entries from people who were not eligible to win.  I thought I would post those just to show my appreciation.

  • Defib the Patient
  • Idietomorrow The Undying
  • Stillwind, Champion of the Frozen Waste (a fart joke)
  • Necrophiliac the Love Fool
  • Stitches the Patient

The comedic potential of the title “the Patient” has yet to be fully plumbed I feel.

So that is it, a winner has be declared, the contest is complete.

I want to thank everybody who entered.  In addition to very strict adherence to the rules, most people included a direct link to the armory to verify their entry.  That was extremely helpful.

And then there is Jay.

Jay is probably going, “But wait, you went so far as to make a picture out of my entry, ‘Bloodsail Admiral Ackbar’ and not only doesn’t it win, but it doesn’t even get a mention?”

That was my little April Fools joke.  Hopefully that little bit of mis-direction fooled somebody.

But, to make up for that, I am declaring Bloodsail Admiral Ackbar to be the winner of the People’s Choice version of the contest due to its victory in the poll.

Tiny Poll Results

And for that he is also going to get a World of Warcraft in-game pet.  He also chose Lil KT and should look for a code by the end of the week.

Happy April Fools Day to everybody.

8 thoughts on “April Fools Contest – The Winner

  1. Badelf

    Hooray! What a nice contest. Thank you for holding it, tracking it, making updates on it, listing the ineligible entries, and for buying a cool prize.

    TAGN rocks my stripy socks.


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  3. dorgol

    I meant to send in my Mage:

    Police of the Undercity on Boulderfist (US).

    Looking at these entries, though, I don’t think I really had a chance.

    Somehow, I feel it was all a trap…


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