Are You Addicted To FarmVille?

Do you play FarmVille?

Are you worried that you may, perhaps, be addicted?

Are you concerned that all that fun might be sucking you into the game and feeding obsessive compulsive behavior?

Well, Liquid Generation has a thoughtful quiz full of pertinent questions which will help you determine if you are addicted!

Fortunately, I do not appear to be addicted.  My result was as follows:

It is hard to argue with that.

5 thoughts on “Are You Addicted To FarmVille?

  1. Donald Mills

    Well those bastards at liquid generation won’t be getting any of my golden mystery eggs, I can tell you that much. And I won’t be fertilizing their crops anymore either.


  2. Magson

    Quiz is invalid. Question #1 doesn’t give an option of zero.

    Of course, since I play it 0 times a day, I suppose one could argue that I’m only not addicted, but I’m not a loser becuz I play it either. . . .

    Yeah, I blocked it a long time ago. All those requests and gifts and crap from friends were annoying.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Of course, the quiz is about getting a laugh and is thus packed with questions that are the equivalent of, “Yes or No: Have you stopped beating your wife?”

    Then again, if you aren’t even playing FarmVille, taking the quiz isn’t exactly a valid choice either. Heh!

    (I was warned by my wife that there would be trouble if I did anything that spammed her wall with Facebook game messages, so she is not on my friends list.)


  4. Reatu Krentor

    Apparently I’m super addicted and I don’t even play it! (I don’t even use facebook so buh :-) .)


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