Three Zones Through the Outlands

The Outlands occupy a strange place now in World of Warcraft.  They represent a hurdle between classic Azeroth and the current destination location of Northrend.  Most people, it seems, don’t want to get to the Outlands, they just want to get past them.

Put me on that list as well, I guess.

My daughter, my mother, and myself have been lingering in the Outlands for a couple of months.  This slow progress has been mostly because my daughter spends a lot of her time distracted making alts, figuring out how to get on top of buildings, and taming new pets for her hunter.

Once in a while though she is driven to actually concentrate on her main character for a bit.  And so it was, a couple of  Sundays back, when she suddnely declared she had hit level 68 and was now ready to venture into Northrend.

That meant there was some catching up to be done!

I was not horribly far behind, sitting around level 65.  I had been through the Hellfire Peninsula quests and was working my way through Zangarmarsh.

A diligent weekend afternoon got me through Zangarmarsh, after which I jumped to Nagrand, which seemed most appropriate for my level.  And then another couple of focused hours in Nagrand got me to 68 and ready to ascend to Northrend.

So three zones worth of content was about enough.

I did divert into Terokkar and the Blade’s Edge Mountains for a couple of “go talk to…” quests, but never ran down the follow-ons.

I also ran one and a half instances with the dungeon finder.  And the half instance was barely that, as I got kicked because, as healer, I couldn’t keep the level 61 tank alive when he pulled full rooms of mobs in the Steamvault.  The group did me a favor on that one.  Good luck to the next healer, I thought, if a level 67 resto spec’d druid running HealBot can’t keep this guy alive.

So there were some other sources of experience, but not enough that I would have had to visit another zone.  I left Nagrand with quests left on my plate.

And so I left The Burning Crusade for Wrath of the Lich King.

I knew the Outlands had more content than needed to get you from 60 to 70, but when you only have to get to 68, you pretty much shave off a whole zone or so worth of content.

And when you can fly at level 60, even the run through those few zones goes pretty quickly.

Now just another seven levels until I can fly again.

5 thoughts on “Three Zones Through the Outlands

  1. Yogi

    I go through this same process with every new toon. Funny how you get all excited about it at lvl 55. Then by level 60… you are over it. Outlands was cool the first time through, but a little small for my taste. Not really much incentive to explore. Grats on making it to Northrend! Don’t you just love losing the flyer to cold weather? What a crock money sink. Just have tailors make it a sweater imo.


  2. Random Poster

    “Now just another seven levels until I can fly again.”

    heh one of the main reasons I was so happy that I had an 80 already on my server was the fact you can buy a BoA book to give to an alt so they can fly in Outland pretty much immediately. Made the next two alts level pretty quickly.


  3. Vok

    @Nick – you know, I’d always thought it was “the Outlands” too. Learn something new everyday it seems.

    As for levelling through there, yup, I struggle too. I seem to race on alts to level 62ish and then they stall. Although Northrend is heading that way for me too now…


  4. Dril

    I adore Outland (well, mainly HFP) but I always burn out in Northrend. I have four alts sitting in either the Fjord or Tundra because the questing in Northrend is so…guh.


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