Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

Meanwhile, Over in Britain…

I cannot tell if this is the greatest thing ever, the worst travesty ever foisted on the viewing public, or just another day for the Doctor.

Besides which, I always picture the Daleks playing for the other side in this sort of thing.  Or maybe for Stalin.

Still, they look cool in that flat British Army green with little Union Jacks painted on.  But what is with that Spitfires cum Battlestar Galactica scene?

And while pondering that, I read that the UK online retailer GameStation slipped a clause in their terms of service granting them the option to claim their customers immortal soul.

Okay, it was put in there for April Fools, but it once again proved that most of us do not read the legalese that clutter up these sorts of thing.

Customers that did spot this clause were able to opt out and were rewarded with a 5 Pound coupon.

Those who rushed past the terms of service will no doubt be surprised when when the six foot high letters of fire appear allowing GameStation to claim what became theirs through the fine print.

Lil’ XT Reactions

Not much has been said about the other virtual item that was released for sale in the Blizzard store yesterday, a new vanity pet called Lil’ XT.

That I am $10 seems pretty normal now!

While I’m not sure about the name (it makes me think of an early 80s IBM PC model… but I’m like that) Lil’ XT has his own story:

Programmed with boundless energy and a child-like enthusiasm, Lil’ XT, the mini-Deconstructor, awaits adoption by a capable and adventurous parent.  Despite his diminutive size, Lil’ XT can still fracture the ground beneath his feet with his tiny tympanic tantrums that discharge massive amounts of electricity into the air.

So he is another pet that provides some entertainment.  And he seems to be getting his own response out in the world.

Well, I guess if you bought Lil’s XT, you probably wanted to get some attention.

Greed Steed Buzz Kill

I dropped a note to a friend of mine who is more into the game than anybody else I know to find out if she had purchased a shiny new pony yet.  I got this in reply:

Almost.  It looked pretty cool on the website.  When I logged in, I saw one.  Cool.  Then I saw three more when I turned the corner.  Then I saw a whole flock of them (is a group of celestial mounts a ‘flock’?  Can’t be a herd, they fly…) up at Krasus’ Landing, and it kinda killed it for me.

Ooops, the status symbol got too common!  Not unexpected, I guess, when the queue for purchasing the steed and the new pet got to be 140,000 orders deep.

In flying around Krasus’ Landing this morning, a rather off-peak time, Greed Steeds were quite in evidence.  My own current flying mount might be a more unique sight at the moment.

Dude, where did you get that?

So if you are “that guy on the horse,” the one standing at some well traveled public intersection sitting on your new mount so that everybody can see it, you’re probably going to want to pick some other mount from your collection to show off.

A Little Bit of EVE Blackmail

And while the world is up in arms about WoW mounts, this tidbit came in from Gaff, our man in null sec.

It seems somebody wanted to get their own back regarding an in-game issue with the corp Suddenly Ninjas by taking things out of game.  Quoted from here:

While I can’t touch you in game I can have lots of fun with your phpbb installation.

You WILL pay Escrowbar the sum of 20 Million ISK within 2 days or attacks will commence on your website and ALL weak little php based installs.

Already I have obtained administrator usernames, and emails. but have not started the attacks.

20 million should cover the amount of ore stolen from me and then some. A drop in the bucket to you and me but this is based on principle.

Attacks will start in 2 days and will continue until brainbeat.org is taken down and your sys admins can not afford the bandwidth. We will also spam your boards to the point where normal use will have to go through too many loops and security checks where your users will not even want to go there.

All attacks will be initiated from wardrived locations and will be untracable.

On that note. You may want to change your kill board passwords >:)

2 days little bitches.

Remember. You can take this site down, get a new one, but I WILL follow you.

Us Miners spend hours zapping rocks being bored. I can spend that time mining or fucking with your installs.

A 20 million ISK ransom demand… which is not much ISK at all when it comes down to it…  over principles?  A principled blackmailer?

Yeah, that is going to end well.

Anyway, the authorities were informed.  Meanwhile, a thread of lulz was generated over in the EVE forums.