A Little Bit of EVE Blackmail

And while the world is up in arms about WoW mounts, this tidbit came in from Gaff, our man in null sec.

It seems somebody wanted to get their own back regarding an in-game issue with the corp Suddenly Ninjas by taking things out of game.  Quoted from here:

While I can’t touch you in game I can have lots of fun with your phpbb installation.

You WILL pay Escrowbar the sum of 20 Million ISK within 2 days or attacks will commence on your website and ALL weak little php based installs.

Already I have obtained administrator usernames, and emails. but have not started the attacks.

20 million should cover the amount of ore stolen from me and then some. A drop in the bucket to you and me but this is based on principle.

Attacks will start in 2 days and will continue until brainbeat.org is taken down and your sys admins can not afford the bandwidth. We will also spam your boards to the point where normal use will have to go through too many loops and security checks where your users will not even want to go there.

All attacks will be initiated from wardrived locations and will be untracable.

On that note. You may want to change your kill board passwords >:)

2 days little bitches.

Remember. You can take this site down, get a new one, but I WILL follow you.

Us Miners spend hours zapping rocks being bored. I can spend that time mining or fucking with your installs.

A 20 million ISK ransom demand… which is not much ISK at all when it comes down to it…  over principles?  A principled blackmailer?

Yeah, that is going to end well.

Anyway, the authorities were informed.  Meanwhile, a thread of lulz was generated over in the EVE forums.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of EVE Blackmail

  1. Stabs

    There’s an interesting tautology in Eve whereby the people who do the childish things (piracy, scamming, ninja salvaging) are often mature well-rounded people and the people who do the gainful employment type responsible things (mining, running missions) are often hilarious childish.

    There’s a youtube video of an “I’ll kill you in real life” Eve miner raging that’s also pretty funny. NSFW.


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  3. Gaff

    @ Stabs

    I saw that before…great clip. I think that is Teamspeak Trolling at its best. If the apology at the end is true, then all the better.


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