World of Tanks Poetry Contest Winners!

The poetry contest over at World of Tanks was, apparently, not an April Fools as they have announced the winners.

The number one pick, in the sonnet form, was from Dustbiter:

The zenith of ancient Ares’ art,
Chelonian death on insectoid track.
A metal Moses; seas of men to part,
Who is there, who doth not fear your attack?
Proof ‘gainst the best pike and shell and shot.
Riding iron shod, unimpeded ‘cross the field.
To you, great metal lord man must yield
Or else, yield his life if he will not.
War’s not won by guile, strategy or plans,
Victory goes to he whose strength is great,
Can bear your reins in his calloused hands
And who cares not for the whims of fate.
Man alone will never hold the day,
‘Til the iron’s rust and tank has worn away.

Deep stuff that.  My own level of appreciation is perhaps better represented by this entry:

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright,
In the forests of the night.
What most fearful shell or mine
Has left thou burning by the Rhine?

Now that I can digest!

And my own level of creation?

Well, I started with, “There once was a panzer from Hersbruck…” and it went downhill from there.