Dire Maul Tribute Run

In which a little research goes a long way and a lot of screen shots get presented.

We decided to replay last Saturday night’s run in Dire Maul.

Of course, the Dire Maul North part of the saga quite clearly deserved a replay.  We got trounced there.  But it turned out that we also missed a couple of quests in Dire Maul East last week, so we went to full replay mode.  The line up for the replay was:

55 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
57 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
57 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
57 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
57 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

First we hit Dire Maul East to chase Pusillin again, as we now had the quest to slay him and to find Lethtendris, a boss for which we had a quest, but whom we totally missed the last time around.

Pusillin was easy, you just chase him around to his final destination then knock him off.  Then we had to look around a bit for Lethtendris, who turned out to be on a platform at the top of a ramp we walked right past last time around.

Lethtendris at home

That fight was short.  We considered for a moment going on to finish off the main boss in the zone, but decided just to head to Dire Maul North.

This time around there were two big changes.

First, we decided that we needed to fall back to our standard “careful” mode of approaching an instance.  We would use crowd control, we we be sure to pull mobs back into a safe area, mark targets appropriately, and generally behave as we used to when instance were a challenge.

Second, taken on by Azawak, was to research what we needed to do and to show up prepared both with knowledge as well as supplies.

A Rare picture of Azawak out of bear form

The first order of business was to track down Guard Mol’dar, who holds the key we were missed last week.  We had to kill him to get it, thus denying us a full tribute run, but at least we got the all important key.

That in hand, it was time to thread our way carefully to the big boss, avoiding contact with other bosses in the instance.  One guard patrols the outer grounds, and we managed to time our work to get past him successfully.

Then there was guard Slip’kik, who is a bit further inside.  With the right ingredients you can arm a trap at one end of the area he patrols.  Of course, there are a couple of groups to clear, but once they are taken care of, you set the trap and wait.

Frost Trapped!

Once he was taken care of, Azawak slipped over to the goblin in the corner and gave him the ingredients to make the ogre suit, which comes into play in a bit.  Then it was up the ramp and towards the door of the King.

Action on the ramp

We worked our way up and to the door, carefully clearing all the way.  Then, once through the door, with the extras cleared up, Azawak put on the ogre suit.

Azawak the Ogre

Thus disguised, Azawak ran off to talk to Captain Kromcrush, to fool him into running off elsewhere.

The rage of Captain Kromcrush

And soon we were there, looking into the chamber of King Gordock.

The King's Chamber

There were some minor mobs we had to clear out, but they were not much of an issue.  The final battle was at hand.

King Gordock and Cho'Rush

To the right was the king, while to the left was Cho’Rush the Observer.  To continue with the tribute run idea, we needed to kill King Gordock without slaying Cho’Rush.  This almost went wrong.

We put Enaldie on Cho’Rush, then Azawak, Earl, and Bigbutt on the king, with Hurmoo healing all around.  As we started off the battle, Enaldie seemed to be doing much better than the other three.  Changing between the two targets, I noticed that Cho’Rush hit the 50% health mark at about the time the king was still around 85%.  We had to tell our retribution pally to lay off a bit as she was hitting too hard.

So Enaldie tried to just dance with Cho’Rush without doing quite so much damage.  After a bit of a rampage, the king was felled at last.

The King down and Cho'Rush still alive

Azawak was declared the new king, and the Dire Maul tribute, a chest that spawns after the defeat of King Gordock, yielded a couple of interesting items, but nothing too exciting… at least not for our group.

The Tribute Loot

We took our traditional victory shot and prepared to head out.

Victory over King Gordock

While we were in the King’s chamber, Azawak and Bigbutt both went to speak to Cho’Rush, but the rest of us did not.  If you speak to Cho’Rush, it seems that everything in the instance goes green (friendly) to you.  But if you do not speak to him, everything remains red (aggro) but does not necessarily attack you.

So when we got back to Guard Slip’Kik, three of us were able to attack him and take him down, for another mini-boss drop.

Slip'Kik still aggro

The other two could not touch him.

however, once we started that, three of us were flagged as “in combat” no matter where we went in the instance, which meant we couldn’t recall or portal out to home, we had to walk out through the front door.  That trip was made a bit longer by a diversion into the library where we found the item for another Dire Maul quest we happened to have.

Looking for bones in the library

After that, we ran out the front door and called it a night.

And, since we actually did do Dire Maul West previously at level, I think we can, as a group, check off the Dire Maul box on our score card.  We still have Scholomance and Stratholme to look into.  And then there is BRD to finish off.  Soon we’ll be 60 though, and will have to decide where to go from there.

2 thoughts on “Dire Maul Tribute Run

  1. Soliloquy

    Ohhhhh I’m looking forward to your adventures in Scholomance and Stratholme, Stratholme being my all time favourite…


  2. Old Fart

    I’m still running these dungeons at L63 (soon L64).. I may be too nostalgic, but I prefer these old dungeons (Dire Maul, Blackrock, Stratholme and Scholomance) much over e.g. BC. I love that the dungeons are so intertwined with lots of quests. Both BC and Wotlk seem to be “phoning dungeon quests in” – the bread is buttered too thin, so to speak. In the old dungeons, e.g. Scholomance and Stratholme, I have to visit the dungeons multiple times to do my quests, and run the countryside in between, in long spanning story quest arcs. I love that. Plus all the detail in e.g. Stratholme. In the expansion dungeons, complexity seems to be reduced “oh, let’s make it an L-shaped corridor, they’ll never figure that out!”
    And also, the old dungeons are beautiful. (think up more rants I could have written here, yourself).


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