StarCraft II – The Date

I guess we’re almost there.  July 27th is closer than you think.

All sorts of additional information is available at the official StarCraft II site.

I have three friends who are in the closed beta, and all seem to feel that the game is true to the original.

Now if we could just get a date for Diablo III.

3 thoughts on “StarCraft II – The Date

  1. SynCaine

    It’s a little ‘too true’ to the original IMO, making me think it won’t have the longevity that SC1 enjoyed. Still going to sell a truckload of copies of course, and more than one life will be lost over it in Korea.


  2. boatorious

    In 2009 in an earnings call Bliz estimated one major release a year for the forseeable future, which, if you guess-along, means SC2 in 2009 (slipped to 2010), WoW 4.0 in 2010 (later revealed as Cataclysm), Diablo III in 2011 (since nothing else could be ready), WoW 5.0 in 2012 (since nothing else could be ready) and new property in 2013 (as long as it is announced as Blizzcon this year).

    So 2011 is the current guess for d3.


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