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Dire Maul West – Mistakes and Misdirections

We were not planning on doing Dire Maul West initially.  We had been there before, both as part of the epic mount quests for our paladin and warlock, and then to finish it off.

However, when Saturday night rolled around, some of the group was feeling spent and not really up for a run at Stratholme or Scholomance.  Dire Maul West seemed like a less involved choice, so in the group went using the dungeon finder.

The group for the night was:

57 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
58 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
58 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
58 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
58 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

And, certainly, it started off as a we expected.  We did the same careful clear that we had done before.  We worked our way around and picked up one of the  two quests we had going for the night, The Madness Within.  The goal is to knock off two bosses in DM West, but to get to one of the bosses, Immol’thar, you have to disable five magic pylons that are at various points in the dungeon.

A Sample Pylon

You can tell when you have deactivated a pylon as it ceases to glow.

Unlit pylon behind our wipe

You can see the pylon in the upper right of the picture above.  That picture also documents our one wipe of the night.  I walked off to help my wife put fresh sheets on the bed (sleeping on fresh sheets is one of the minor joys of life, in my opinion)

So we were off to get the pylons.  Two pylons are in the ring around Immol’thar, one is right at the entrance, one is right before the quest giver (it is in the picture above) and one is on the far side of the quest giver, just out of line of sight.  So two were out before we even got the quest.  Two we took out by the boss.  And then there was that other one.

When we were here before, we missed that pylon just past the quest giver and had to go all the way back to get it to drop the force field around Immol’thar.  We did the same thing this time.  And there are some quick repsawns that dog your path when you make that round trip.

Not tragic, but annoying.

We made the trip back, picked up the last pylon, returned, and knocked down Immol’thar without much drama.

Immol'thar Down

Slaying him also got us the achievement for the set of three instances.  This is one we had not collected as a group previously.

After that nice quick fight, we headed towards the library and walked into a couple of the wandering arcane monsters in that circle Immol’thar’s area and nearly had a wipe.  Two of us went down and it was touch and go to hold on.  Look both ways before you cross the street is the lesson here.

Once back to life, we made it to the library, killed Prince Totheldrin, and collected our last quest updates.

Now it was time to turn in the quests!

Milling about post-fight in the library

The quest tracker was up there in the UI telling us where to go!

It looked like we just needed a portal back to The Undercity and then a quick ride out to turn in these quests.  After all, they weren’t just in the quest tracker, they were also clearly marked on the in-game map!  Thanks Blizzard!

Location One

Location 2

Unfortunately, the built-in, Blizzard provided quest tracker was WRONG.

Of course, we did not figure that out until we had spent a good deal of time searching around, an effort that included Hurmoo falling into the Dalaran crater.

It turns out that, to complete the quests, we have to get back into Dire Maul North.  Now we have to decide if we really want to spend the time finishing those two quests up or move on to another instance.

Dogs with Guns

My first blatantly silly encounter in The Agency: Covert Ops.

Heading out on the next stage of a mission, I was told I will be facing a fierce Doberman.  They didn’t mention he’d be packing heat!  The dog gets the same shooting based attacks as the humans do.

Doggie Suppressing Fire Incoming!

Furthermore, the dog was kind of working me for the first couple of rounds.  No doubt I was shooting high, as indicated in the picture.

Of course, SOE has a history of oddly inappropriate attack types, from the fact that my monk in EverQuest II can do a roundhouse kick from horseback (I’m glad they announced that you’ll soon be dismounted for combat in EQ2.  Sorry, but that was just silly.) to the famous kicking snakes from the original EverQuest.  It has become a something of a tradition I guess.

And, at the end, the wrap up message didn’t exactly match up with a the gun battle.

No mention of the dog's firearm

But the wrap up messages all seem to be talking about fights that happened to other people.

And, as an aside, that dog doesn’t look really like any Doberman I’ve ever seen.  The gun-carrying version of the breed must be a bit different I guess.

Waiting to run into the sharks with frickin’ lasers next!