Dogs with Guns

My first blatantly silly encounter in The Agency: Covert Ops.

Heading out on the next stage of a mission, I was told I will be facing a fierce Doberman.  They didn’t mention he’d be packing heat!  The dog gets the same shooting based attacks as the humans do.

Doggie Suppressing Fire Incoming!

Furthermore, the dog was kind of working me for the first couple of rounds.  No doubt I was shooting high, as indicated in the picture.

Of course, SOE has a history of oddly inappropriate attack types, from the fact that my monk in EverQuest II can do a roundhouse kick from horseback (I’m glad they announced that you’ll soon be dismounted for combat in EQ2.  Sorry, but that was just silly.) to the famous kicking snakes from the original EverQuest.  It has become a something of a tradition I guess.

And, at the end, the wrap up message didn’t exactly match up with a the gun battle.

No mention of the dog's firearm

But the wrap up messages all seem to be talking about fights that happened to other people.

And, as an aside, that dog doesn’t look really like any Doberman I’ve ever seen.  The gun-carrying version of the breed must be a bit different I guess.

Waiting to run into the sharks with frickin’ lasers next!

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