Bringing a Submarine to a Gunfight

I thought the dogs with guns was amusing in The Agency: Covert Ops, but then I got into a gunfight with a submarine.

Dodged that submarine attack!

Okay,  I realize that this screen just represents the game’s conflict resolution mechanism, its own little marathon rock/paper/scissors effort to declare a winner when face with direct enemy opposition.  The actual resolution describes what happened in the story of your character.

Out swam a sub!

But when you choose the gunfight metaphor for every conflict resolution, it ends up looking pretty silly when you start throwing in dogs or submarines as opponents.

What else do you suppose is packing heat in The Agency: Covert Ops?

2 thoughts on “Bringing a Submarine to a Gunfight

  1. mbp


    For some reason that reminds me of the land shark gun from the video game “Armed and Dangerous”. It fires a land shark which swims through the ground and eats your enemies. It is pretty much a one shot kill on any enemy. I reckon a land sub with land torpedoes could be similarly useful!


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