Wrath of the Kitties

No, not those kitties.  Our own, real life cats.

I arrived home this afternoon to find our LEGO pokewalker project had been knocked off its location and lay smashed to pieces on the floor.

No Free Steps Today!

This appears to be part of an ongoing anti-cheating campaign initiated by one of our cats.

The suspect in this brutal attack on our LEGO project declined to answer questions from his daytime perch atop the six foot tall bookcase in my office.  I’m pretty sure the little one put him up to it.  She’s a trouble maker.

Maintaining his right to remain silent

My daughter and I will not be deterred by this misfortune.  A better and stronger LEGO pokewalker system will emerge from the ashes of this setback.

6 thoughts on “Wrath of the Kitties

  1. Zardoz

    That’s a very interesting set of books. “Debugging the Development Process” right next to “In Search of Stupidity”. I can relate to that!

    Oh and Rumpole too. Kewell…


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, different sides of the same coin there.

    Cropped out of the image, on that shelf to the right, is just about every map insert that National Geographics has put out in their magazine in the last 30 years. The magazines take up too much space, but I can’t part with the maps.

    And I believe that copy of Fight Combat has Kelton Flinn’s autograph in it from the Air Warrior convention in Dayton, Ohio, but I’m too lazy to turn around and pull it off the shelf just to check.


  3. SynCaine

    You damn cheaters never learn.

    What the cats really need to do is instead of temp-banning you (breaking the legos), they need to perma-ban you (break the walker). We both know you would QQ about it and claim you are never coming back, yet the next day you would buy a fresh pokewalker and start the grind all over again.

    You people make me sick!


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