I’ve Been Upgraded to VIP! Turbine’s Email Message on F2P

Turbine has been quick, this time, to follow up their free to play transition announcement with an email campaign to current subscribers and lifetime members.

And the message is, of course, up beat!

I'm a VIP!

The message goes on with:

Turbine is pleased to announce some exciting changes to The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), and we wanted to make sure you got word first. This fall, LOTRO will become Free-to-Play (F2P).

What does that mean for you? Your loyalty has helped LOTRO become the ultimate adventure and we want to reward you for that. When we re-launch as F2P, you will automatically be upgraded to a LOTRO VIP. There will be no change to your existing subscription plan.

You don’t have to lift a finger. Just continue your adventures in Middle-earth and accept our thanks. We’ll take care of the rest.

They’ll take care of the rest!

But what is a VIP?

The LOTRO VIP is the premium all-access pass to LOTRO F2P. Subscribers will now be called LOTRO VIPs. LOTRO VIPs have unlimited priority access to content and features.

VIP special benefits include priority server access, unlimited access to all adventures in the game*, a 20-Slot wardrobe for cosmetic clothing, top-tier customer support and more!

As a VIP, starting today, each month we’ll credit your account with 500 Turbine Points to spend any way you like. That means you’ll have Turbine Points in your account, ready to spend when LOTRO F2P launches this fall.**

I wonder if “top-tier customer support” is something beyond what they offer now.  The 20-slot wardrobe for cosmetic clothing sounds like a boon though.

And then there is the follow up with the loyalty rewards.

In addition to all the exciting VIP benefits you can receive 500 free Turbine Points to use in LOTRO Free-to-Play for each LOTRO anniversary (April 24) that has elapsed since you first joined LOTRO, up to a maximum of 1,500 Turbine Points.

Plus, as a LOTRO Founder Lifetime Member, you are entitled to an exclusive offer of 1,500 additional Turbine Points as our way of saying thank you. These points will be credited to your account once LOTRO F2P is live.

And then, of course, the fine print.

* You must purchase the Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood expansion packs to access these regions. If you have upgraded to either expansion pack, you will continue to have access to all content that your account currently offers for the life of the account.

**You will accrue 500 Turbine Points a month, starting June 1st as long as your account remains in good standing through the launch of LOTRO F2P. These points will be granted to your account once LOTRO F2P has gone live. For additional information, please see the Terms & Conditions.

Most of this was mentioned in my last post in some form or another, but I figured I would quote for truth and comparison.

Anyway, it is nice to see Turbine getting the word out directly to their subscribers quickly.  For those less obsessed with the genre, this might be the first place they hear of the change.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Upgraded to VIP! Turbine’s Email Message on F2P

  1. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    I wonder if “top-tier customer support” is something beyond what they offer now.

    I assume this to mean that your tickets will get higher priority, so nothing new there.

    Interesting things. It looks like the free to play option is a bit less appealing than it is in DDO with the Premium account level; still a lot more restrictions on it in LotRO.

    The downside is that the lifetime subscription option is no longer available. I was hoping there’d be a half off sale like the Europeans had, so I was biding my time. Too late now, I guess.


  2. Ponder

    Been playing DDO f2p – very bored with WoW atm.

    So far, its a lot of fun, and the DDO store aspect is not very intrusive. I miss the shared world aspect of WoW, but the dungeons and their variety are entertaining.

    Looking forward to retrying LOTRO as f2p.


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