Hulkageddon III – Summer of Gank – Coming Soon

The third round of Hulkageddon has been announced for EVE Online.  Christened the “Summer of Gank,” prizes are currently being collected to incent the destruction of mining barges throughout New Eden.

It is described on the event site as such:

Hulkageddon is a semi-regular event which takes place in the MMORPG game EVE-online.

During the event contestants vie with each other to see who can destroy the most mining vessels within a given timespan.

This is the 3rd edition of the event, which hopes to top the previous one, that ended with the destruction of over 1,200 mining vessels.

The event even has a sponsor this time around, in the form of EVEPress.  I’m not sure what form that sponsorship is taking exactly, but their name and logo is on the side bar and they have a pop-up announcing the event on their own site.

No word on the start date as yet, beyond the phrase “extremely fucking soon.”

13 thoughts on “Hulkageddon III – Summer of Gank – Coming Soon

  1. Sören

    Thanks for the warning. As the low end mineral prices aren’t impressive either, it seems a good time to stay a mission runner for the moment. And there are those little 0.66 standing points left to the jump clones…


  2. Adventurer Historian

    Hulkageddon fascinates me. Players are declaring war on the very foundations of their game economy. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, I have a fascination for it as well. It is exactly the sort of emergent game play that comes from EVE being at the sandbox end of the MMO spectrum.

    But we’re talking about a game that puts out an awe inspiring economic report on a regular basis.

    It is sort of the dichotomy of EVE… you can get detailed economic analysis, but they can’t explain how many missiles your launcher can carry in easy to understand terms.


  4. WTM

    Time to stock up on minerals me thinks…

    Still, I think it’s good stuff like this happens… just a pity I don’t build hulks….


  5. Zerotonine

    @ Adventurer Historian:

    I wouldn’t worry about the economy being affected for any long period of time, but these changes will most likely happen:

    -Prices of cheap heavy ganking ships (Catalysts and Thrashers) will spike in the week leading up to the event and during
    -Hulk prices will also spike during the event
    -Minerals aren’t going to be affected that much, there’s just so much of them around
    -Lots of absent minded and AFK miners are going to be angry
    -Miners who keep aligned and aware of their surroundings are going to be okay


  6. hulkageddon

    Zerotonine is correct. Though the clever speculating bear can make quite some moneys off this.

    as for evepress, they are helping generate some publicity, so I figured I’d return the favor with a nice shiny link.

    EOH on the other hand (the newest sponsor) is putting moneys in the prize jar \o/


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  8. Julie Whitefeather

    The low end mineral prices spoken of above by Soren are why I have been spending time in my Rokh and leaving the Hulks parked in there various systems at opposite ends of the Eve Universe.

    Thanks for the heads up.,


  9. Mister FluffyWuffins

    So what about the rookie systems, which are high sec and people are going to be mining there in the crapbox rookie ships? hulkageddon 3 gonna run wild on them as well? This event sounds like a stupid-ass way to scare off new players.


  10. Zerotonine

    @Mister: Highly doubtful. If you look into the previous Hulkageddons:

    “1220 Exhumers

    332 Barges

    12 Orcas”

    Or if you want to have a look at the killboard itself:

    There are lots of pages to the killboard, but flick through, you’ll find the same thing on every page, Exhumers and Barges. The reason for this is in the game mechanics, and also how Hulkageddon is setup. Prizes are awarded for the most amount of Exhumers blown up. These are Tech 2 ships, if I remember correctly.

    They can be very expensive ships, and take skills that take a while to learn and fly. Newbies can’t afford them, they can’t fly them, they’ll be mining in cruisers at best. When you go into high-sec, (where pretty much everyone mines), and you attack another ship, the cops pretty much come and blow you up in retaliation. Since you will be losing ISK on every kill (even with insurance), you want a juicy target, and one that counts towards Hulkageddon tallies. Since the juicy targets won’t be hanging around the newbie systems, they’ll be safe as houses.

    As for the event being a stupid way to scare off new players, that may be true for some, but there are also people who are attracted to the game for just these kinds of events. EVE, being a sandbox, barely has any scripted content (missions and epic arcs basically), and so events like these keep the game fresh!

    When I played EVE, I would have been considered a carebear. I lived in highsec, and I would travel into lowsec and fight pirates, so I don’t know if PvPing is being a carebear. Anyway, I wasn’t a pirate. I also did a bit of mining and trading as a change of pace. When Hulkageddon came around, I would purposefully fly in a mining laser equipped Dominix, and go to a packed asteroid field. Whilst there, I saw real mining vessels get blown up left and right, and no one would bother targeting me. Not once.

    Even though I may be a carebear (and I use that term loosely), I reckon this event is great. It’s unique, there’s some crazy achievements to win, and people aren’t as affected as you may think they are. People can be pretty stupid in EVE, there are AFK miners, there are macro miners, there are people who AFK auto-pilot in massive expensive freighters with really tasty cargo (!). I would see them all the time. These are the folks who *do* know better that Hulkageddon targets, and 99% of the time, can afford the loss.


  11. Paul Saunders

    why are they going to allow such shooting when its going to get themselves killed risking also war decking the ones that fire upon them this is pure stupidity. considering Concord can kill them b4 they do kill it?? its lame


  12. babymouse

    i know first one they did i lost 4 hulks b4 i quit for 2 weeks to me its going to drive some away.
    but some don’t care i know its a game but life is hard in rl tobe killed in a game all the time 8 (
    just going to do missions for now or play in station with my string


  13. Paul Saunders

    Just glad we can resume on the 19th after midnight eve time. If i am correcrt any ships mining barges.Points won’t count and everyone can be happy again,, just not the jet can miners lol peace all. 0/


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