Possible Jirachi Nintendo WiFi Download

The Winner’s Path download event ended on Saturday, but not new event has yet been announced on Pokemon.com.  So I decided to check and see what was up.

I started up Pokemon SoulSilver, chose the Mystery Gift option, selected Receive Gift , and specified Get Via Nintendo WFC.

After a few seconds of checking, the screen came back and said it was downloading Make a Wish Jirachi.

Jirachi Arrives

It looks to be the similar to the Jirachi they were giving out in the GameStop download event back in March.  It is level 5 and holding the same item, a Liechi Berry.  The original trainer (OT) is listed as SMR2010, no doubt for Summer 2010.  It knows the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest, and Draco Meteor.

Having a Jirachi is Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver opens up a new Pokewalker route.

I expect that Nintendo will announce this as their current WiFi download at some point soon.  Right now, however, the site is focused on the Pokemon Video Game US National Championship, which took place this past weekend.

This download is only for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.  It does not appear to work with Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.  Instructions for setting up Nintendo WiFi on your DS are in the instruction booklet that came with your game.

More on this when Pokemon makes an announcement.

4 thoughts on “Possible Jirachi Nintendo WiFi Download

  1. Misty

    I can confirm that it is available via WiFi. My husband and I both got ours via Mystery Gift. I accidentally tried to mystery gift from his Diamond game, and it said I couldn’t receive it due to already having this. We had got the Jirachi from Gamestop already, so I assume it is the same thing. It “may” be available for Diamond and Pearl if you haven’t already received it via Gamestop earlier in the year.


  2. S

    I work part time in a local game store and am planning on trying to obtain Jirachi on one of the used game cards for platinum, pearl or diamond, I will most likely post again with the results.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, I was able to see it in Diamond, but I was not able to download it because I had already downloaded the Jirachi from the event earlier this year.

    However, the Jirachi download appears to have ended this past weekend. The last I checked, no gifts were available via Nintendo WFC.


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