PLEX! PLEX for Piracy!

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one.  This has drama, rage quit, and QQ written all over it.

CCP has announced that they will be removing the restrictions on PLEX.

I’ve written about PLEX before.

PLEX, or 30 day Pilot License EXtensions are in-game items that can be bought or sold and which extend your game subscription by 30 days.  You buy them for real money and get them in-game.

However, up to this point, there have been some draconian restrictions on PLEX.  Basically, you cannot move it.  It sits in the space station in which you purchased it.  You can sell it to somebody else at that station, but it is stuck there until somebody uses it.

Soon, however, new rules will apply.  From their post:

  • We will remove the restriction on undocking from a station with a PLEX in your cargo hold
  • We will remove the restriction that PLEX cannot be put into courier contracts
  • We will remove the restriction that items (including PLEX) can only be redeemed into NPC stations
  • We will remove the restriction that items (including PLEX) can only be reverse-redeemed from NPC stations
  • We will remove the restriction that ETC can only be converted into PLEX while inside an NPC station

PLEX will be set free.  You can carry it around.  You can sell people contracts to carry it for you.

And, of course, people can take it away from you.

And that is where the fun begins.  Somebody scans your cargo, sees you’re carrying game time, and you are suddenly a high priority target.

This goes live Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.  I want to read tales of PLEX piracy.

This is soooo EVE Online.

6 thoughts on “PLEX! PLEX for Piracy!

  1. Rieger

    This is why I love EVE. Just like you I can’t wait to see the insanity that hits the forums when somebody looses a Bestower with 10 Plexs. EVE, letting stupid people hurt themselves since 2003. :)


  2. Toldain

    This is soooo EVE Online.

    Toldain nods vigorously.

    You didn’t mention that another driving force here is that there is definitely a place for PLEX arbitrage in the game, given that the going price for PLEX varies quite a bit by region.

    So CCP provides the motivation and opportunity for people to haul very valuable things around Tranquility, creating an opportunity for pirates, and scammers as well.

    The one data point that is still unknown is: how big will the PLEX be? Can I fit one in a shuttle? Or will I need an Iteron V?

    I’m thinking about 100m^3 would be good.


  3. Toldain


    Originally by: Angel HUN How big are the PLEX in m3?

    0.01 m3.

    Posted by CCP Explorer

    I’m way off. Shuttles would probably be the preferred PLEX transport, then. At least in High/low sec, where there are no bubbles. Or CovOps if you’re really paranoid.


  4. Nelson Minar

    It’s definitely a fascinating change. A related change is that you’ll be able to apply PLEX in player-built stations, which makes life easier (and riskier!) for the 0.0 denizens. Also it’s possible PLEX get blown up with the ship, taking that game card out of the game entirely.

    It’s also 100% win-win for players. You can just choose not to undock with a PLEX and it’s like nothing changed at all.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Toldain – Absolutely! Right now, PLEX is all jammed up in the main sales hubs. But with this, people won’t worry so much and will be able to take advantage of the distance vs. cost relationship that EVE transactions have.

    Each jump closer to you ought to be worth at least a few hundred thousand ISK.

    BTW, if nobody gets the musical reference in the title, I’m going to… feel old.


  6. shadowwar

    This is one of the many things about EVE that keeps me excited about the overall direction of the game. I’m a noob to the game in the grand scheme of things, and a long way off from justifying purchasing a plex with real money, or being able to afford it in game, but it still fires my synapses to read stuff like this.


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