This Always Happens When Nobody is Around…

So there I am bouncing along in the North Downs when I see something strange coming towards me.

Roaming Bleakwind

A rare elite master mob!  Whatever that means.

Well, killing Bleakwind had to be worthwhile.  Maybe not as exciting as Keen getting to tank the Lich King, but we take our adventure where we can find it.

And he was even my level.

The hit point differential was a bit worrying.

Hit points

1,624 hit points for Terentia compared to 8,434 for Bleakwind.  Unbalanced, but worth an attempt.  I mean, just look at the shiny effects around his icon!  That is like having a sign that says, “Epic Loot – This Way.”

Unfortunately, Bleakwind’s attack is proportionate to his hit points.  Terentia had to retreat or face defeat.

If I’d had a minstrel along, it might have happened.  But it was late on a weeknight and nobody was close to hand.

Ah well, next time Bleakwind… next time.

2 thoughts on “This Always Happens When Nobody is Around…

  1. Paul

    The problem there is that your warden doesn’t come of age as such until around lvl 48 where you begin to get the final Gambits of the main Gambit lines like Conviction for the final heal gambit.

    So you cant really do more self-heals than his dps at that level. If you’re interested in what it drops:
    A few hides
    An Adamant Shard
    and a few moneys i think


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