Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Hulkageddon III is Over

It is now past 00:00:01 UTC on the 19th of July, 2010, so Hulkageddon III has finished, the Summer of Gank is over.

According to the kill board, over 1700 exhumers were destroyed as well as over 700 mining barges.  There were also 29 Orcas done in and it looks like one Roquel.

And over three hundred players were pod-killed.

All of which represents an uptick from last time around, when it was over 1200 exhumers, 300 mining barges, a dozen Orcas, and a little over 200 pod kills.

Overall, I don’t think I have any stunning thoughts on the event, at least nothing beyond what I posted in the past.

I’m sure we’ll see a Hulkageddon IV.  Until then, I’ll leave you with this video.