Daily Archives: July 20, 2010

Did I Mention The Rocket?

You know… the rocket.  The X-53 Touring Rocket that you get with the refer a friend program in World of Warcraft.

This rocket.

Rocketing past Dalaran

A friend and former co-worker wanted to give WoW a re-try and helped me out with a little extra game time by letting me refer him for a new account.  And, of course, there was the rocket.

Like the Zhevra mount, the past reward, the rocket goes to a single character that you select and then shows up via an in-game message.

Rocket Delivery

I sent the mount to Vikund, my mount collection character.  He still has a ways to go to the 100 mounts obtained achievement, but this puts him one step closer.

The rocket is a two person flying mount that scales to whatever flying skill you may possess.  So if you have already qualified for a 310% speed flying mount, it will go that fast as well.

And the rocket looks pretty cool.  Very gnomish.  It smokes and yaws from side to side a bit while it flies.

However, it suffers from the same problem that the chopper does; it seems slow.

For no good reason, the way my four-legged mounts feel faster than the chopper on the ground (despite being the same exact speed), my wing-flapping flying mounts feel faster than the rocket.

I suspect that it is a combination of things.

First, a lot less motion goes into the rockets movement.  No flapping wings, no pauses for glides, no movement of the mounts body at all, just that plume of oily black smoke which trails behind. (A nice effect.)

Second, the rocket just feels like it should be going faster.  It is a rocket.  A gnomish rocket.  It should be flying faster than sanity dictates.  The way the chopper should be tearing up the landscape, a gnomish rocket should be tearing the sky in two and terrorizing its passengers.

Instead it sort of loafs along through the sky feeling for all the world like a ride you might find at a traveling carnival or outside of a run-down mall; rickety, slow, fragile, and drastically at odds with the “Super Moon Rocket Ride” graphic painted on the side.

Of course, that could also be viewed as an aspect of gnomish engineering.  I’ve seen a few rides in my day that looked like they were designed my gnomes.

But otherwise it is a nice mount.  It is the only two-seat flying mount in the game.  I’ve promised my daughter that I’ll take her on a tour of Northrend with a low level character so she can reap the exploration experience.

I also want to say thanks to my friend to did the referral.  And apologize since, as soon as he started playing, I seemed to stop.  The instance group has been on summer hiatus and I have been more immersed in Middle-earth of late.  Such is life.

This certainly isn’t the first time things have worked out that way.