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Asilomar Wants to Host Your Gaming Event

Or so I hear.

The Asilomar Conference Grounds site is a very nice place in Monterey County, California.  Located in the city of Pacific Grove (where I’ll be able to afford to retire if I get my wish) it offers nice facilities in amongst the trees, is walking distance from ocean, and is a relatively short drive from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  There is also some golf course near by, but they don’t have an arcade or anything like Golfland.

Merrill Hall at Asilomar

The whole area is pretty nice.  Ask Tipa.

Anyway, a friend of mine who works at Asilomar heard from the director of marketing for the facility that they are looking to attract more “gaming” events.

Why gaming events?

Well, the same company that runs the grounds for the state, Aramark, also runs the Anaheim Convention Center.  And you know what happens at the Anaheim Convention Center.  BlizzCon.

So I have to think that might have influenced them a bit.

However, Asilomar is not the same scale as Anaheim Convention Center or Moscone Center.  You couldn’t host BlizzCon or GDC there.

But for smaller events… say anything from some out-of-town buddies wanting to host a LAN party or a weekend D&D campaign to something on the order of SOE’s Fan Faire… Asilomar would be an appropriately sized venue in my estimation.  And the place has a rustic feel to it that would certainly add to any medieval focused event.  Plus I heard that one of the conference rooms is haunted.

That is the preamble.  Now to the actual point of this post.

Said director of marketing is not exactly tapped into the gamer community and would like to know where to start.  I wouldn’t consider myself tapped into the community either, at least not for planning events like this.  But I have all of you readers.  Somebody out there must know something… and the rest of us have opinions which we’re always happy to share.

So I would like to open this up for comment.  You might consider the following questions as a guide, though if I have missed something, do not feel constrained by them.

*What should Asilomar do to get noticed and considered by those planning gaming events?  How should they be reaching out? (Remember though, Asilomar is being run for the budget strapped State of California, so “spend a lot of money” probably isn’t an option.)

*What sort of gaming events should they consider trying to attract?

*Is there anything special the facilities should offer?  They do tech industry outings there, so they have good internet connectivity, but what else should they have?

*What would you want to know about from their web site or brochure before you would consider planning an event at Asilomar?

Thanks in advance for anything you have to offer on the subject.

Statement of interest: I am not in anyway affiliated with Asilomar or Aramark nor am I being financially compensated in any way for putting up this post.  I am doing it as a favor for a friend.  This post was neither vetted nor approved by Aramark or any of its representatives.  All views and opinions expressed are my own, especially the part about the haunted conference room, which I quite possibly made up.  Somebody from Asilomar will read the comments on this post.  How they use any information provided, or if they use it at all, is entirely up to the management of the facility.