6 thoughts on “WoW Phishing via StarCraft II

  1. PeterD

    That is a pretty good phishing attempt, and I don’t doubt they will nab many many WoW accounts using it. Thankfully I already have SC2 and barely read my e-mails so I should be fairly safe from phishing attempts like this, but still.

    It is, as you said, a clear indicator of just how much weaker Blizzard has made account security by rolling everything up under a single account. The fact that it’s an e-mail address is just icing on the cake.

    On the plus side, I was chatting with a real life friend while he was in SC2 and I was in WoW (and vice versa), so the real ID thing is good for something at least. Have I changed my mind on its implementation? No, it’s assinine. Do I think chatting across games is cool? Yes.


  2. Artagus

    Wow,<–no pun intended, I am impressed at the effort. I feel sad for the those that don't investigate and end up a victim.

    "Ah Ha!, very well played minion of the dark. You have cast your spell of deceit and debauchery, but I have thwarted you with my……thwartness…" etc etc…

    A for effort but my boot in your butt if I find you…


  3. SynCaine

    That is a nice attempt actually. We always think of scam emails being done by lowlife scum, but I bet there is enough money in it to attract some top-tier talent, at least anyone willing to earn it in less-than-honest means.


  4. sid67

    It’s a great attempt. Good cons (like this one) often appeal to a person’s greed in order to get them to overlook caution.

    Rule of thumb: There are no free lunches.


  5. ScytheNoire

    I’m amazed at how many junk mails I get about trying to steal my WoW account info. Even better when it’s email addresses that aren’t even linked to my WoW account. Even more amusing when I see an Aion one and I’ve never even touched the game. Thankfully Google and Microsoft do a good job with spam filtering.

    But you should go buy StarCraft II, the campaign is amazingly good. One of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.


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