Goonswarm in Esteldin!

Doesn’t look all that fearsome, does he, standing around in the crafting hall at Esteldin?

Is he looting the bank?

Still, what could he be thinking?  Is he planning to infiltrate us even now?

Some sort of mail fraud?

Not the most role play compatible name I’ve seen certainly.

He’ll probably disappear only to be replaced a short time later by a character name Goonwaffe due to political intrigue.

In the mean time, since they’ve done some music videos, do you think they’d cover my “Kill 10 Boars” idea?

3 thoughts on “Goonswarm in Esteldin!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, the Goons have some sort of presence in a lot of online games. Heh, Naz-goon. I like it.

    But I’m going to bet that they don’t run around with characters named “Goonswarm.” I’m guessing a poseur here.


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