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The PLEX Story We’ve All Been Waiting For…

PLEX, the in-game item you can buy from other players in EVE Online that lets you extend your subscription to the game by 30 day.

CCP recently unlocked the restrictions on PLEX in game.   Previously, you could not move PLEX.  It had to stay in a station where it was safe.  Or at least safer.

Now, however, PLEX is an item like most everything else in New Eden.  It can be moved, sold, shipped, and destroyed.

So I have been waiting for the first real big PLEX loss item to show up.

And now we have it.

Reported over at Massively, a player carrying 74 PLEX, worth nearly $1,300 in real life and over 22 billion ISK in-game, had his ship blow up in Jita.

Should have chosen something bigger than a wee Kestrel frigate.  SpaceMonkeys Alliance too.  Figures.

And all the PLEX was destroyed.



Welcome to EVE Online.

[Addendum – The EVE Player News posting about this is here, while the main forum thread appears to be here.  Special thanks to Galo and his post here.]

The kill mail over on zKillboard, since the old EVE Kill is long gone, though the kill has been preserved at the Internet Archive.