Daily Archives: August 14, 2010

WoW Account Hacked… Officially No Longer News

I know maybe 20 people who both play World of Warcraft and who would bother to let me know if their account had been hacked.

And 20 might be stretching it.  A dozen might be closer to the mark.

But let’s call it 20, because I know it is more than 10 and 20 is a nice round number.

And as of this week, five of them have had their accounts hacked.

I received an email from a friend with this screen shot attached.

Account Disabled

That was Tuesday.

I figured that it was maintenance day, maybe that was the cause.  Strange things happen on Tuesdays.

After all, this friend of mine works in a security conscious industry, uses strong passwords, and plays WoW on a Mac.  An unlikely candidate for this sort of thing, right?

But no.  After getting in touch with Blizzard support, it turned out that his account had been hacked.

The usual routine.  Characters stripped or deleted.  I didn’t ask if there was a guild bank involved.

He now has the Blizzard Authenticator app on his iPhone, so he is better protected.  There shouldn’t be a “next time” in any case.

But having something like 25% of the people you play WoW with get their accounts hacked moves this sort of thing from a rare and tragic event to something akin to, say, losing a cell phone.  It is inconvenient, but it happens all the time.  It ceases to be newsworthy.

I would like to know how so many accounts get hacked.  That would be worthy of a post.