I Do Not Like Raspberries

It is true.

I have disliked the flavor of raspberries my entire life.

I do not like them fresh, I do not like them as jam, I do not like them as a filling between layers of a cake, I do not like them as a sherbet, I do not like them as a flavor in iced tea.

I won’t go near a jelly doughnut with a red colored filling, because it always ends up being raspberry.

I don’t like things with artificial raspberry flavoring.  This is in contrast to coffee, as an example.  I love almost everything that is coffee flavored… except for actual coffee.

I’m not even fond of the color, even when applied to berets.  But I am going to guess we’re getting to the point where negative flavor association is spilling outside of its reasonable domain.

Do Not Want

I disliked their flavor as a child and, unlike many other things I disliked at a young age, there has been no mellowing to mere ambivalence with the passage of time.

I will eat all the peas or green beans or squash that are put on my plate, but will still let sit or actively avoid anything with raspberries.

I like other berries.  Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, loganberries… I wouldn’t even mind a coat from Burberry.

But raspberries are not on at all.

Yet despite this ongoing and intense dislike of mine, raspberries remain a popular food item.  I find myself to be in a pretty small minority with this particular dislike.

When I mention my dislike, people often feel the need to offer up suggestions thinking that perhaps I just haven’t had raspberries in the right context.  I am willing to bet that somebody will miss the real point of this post and come to the defense of raspberries in the comments.  You watch.  It will happen.  And not even in an ironic way, but a true, heartfelt defense of the noble raspberry.

But even feeling as I do, with many years of raspberry hate built up, here is something I never do.  Even when trying to politely decline a slice of some child’s birthday cake which has a mass of raspberry filling dripping out from between the layers and which has a scoop of melting raspberry sherbet sulking there next to it,  I never say anything like this:

Honestly, I don’t get why people play grinding MMOs. Why do you put yourself through that kind of hell? Why do you keep dolling out your cash to these companies that keep making crappy unimaginative games?

Really.  I wouldn’t see the point.

36 thoughts on “I Do Not Like Raspberries

  1. TheRemedy

    Fact! Raspberry’s are the greatest of all berry’s! How do I know this? The greatest insult of all time is sticking out your tongue and blowing air out, making a funny sound. This maneuver is nicknamed “The Raspberry.” Does any other berry have an insult named after them? I think not.


  2. Jason

    I can only think of two things to say about the topic.

    1. Raspberry preserves are far and away the best companion to extra cruncy peanut butter for a sammich on whole or honey wheat toast.

    2. I bet that guy drops nearly as much a year for sports games as I do for WoW.


  3. PeterD

    I do not like green eggs and ham,
    I do not like them Sam I am!
    I will not eat them in a house,
    I will not eat them with a mouse,
    I . .

    wait . .



  4. Jenni Concarnadine

    You might want to have yourself (non-invasively) allergy-checked: you may have a very mild allergy, which your subconscious is warning you about. My Beloved has suddenly acquired a violent (I’m talking projectile vomiting) allergy to the things — very nasty, and also utterly unexpected.


  5. Bhagpuss

    I used to feel exactly the same about strawberries. Like many other foods, though, I taught myself to tolerate them. Even now, strawberries are a long way from my favorite food, but I do willingly eat them with mild pleasure.

    Philosophically, though, I think there are more than enough foods available in developed countries that no-one really needs to acquire a taste they don’t feel like acquiring. You’re not going to starve because you won’t eat a raspberry.

    Raspberries are delicious, though :)

    Oh, and spot on with the analogy!


  6. Hat

    I know this isn’t the point of the post, but Jenni’s comment caught my eye. I’ve avoided eating nuts my entire life, ostensibly because I didn’t like them, although I don’t recall ever eating them…the smell used to put me off.

    At the age of 30, politeness persuaded me to try a dessert containing walnuts which had been prepared by my partner’s mother and my partner was shortly left calling an ambulance as my tongue had swelled to a size where I was having difficulty breathing.

    TL:DR : You stay away from raspberries, my friend.


  7. Dril

    Very nice ;)

    About foods: you know your bit about coffee? I’m exactly the same with tomatoes. Ketchup, soup, sauce, you name it, I tolerate, like, and in some cases love the taste of it. But not actual tomatoes. Sundried or fresh, they just taste vile. Like, really vile.

    And I never ever get fancy fresh pizza because of this.


  8. Jalann

    I prefer Ginger and Cinnamon in my tea. Why people ruin tea with Raspberries is beyond me.

    While I don’t mind Raspberry donuts as much as you, I fully support your decision to wholesale rejection of a food item. I do it all the time.


  9. Phedre

    I am with you all the way! I will also skip as much as possible anything that has raspberry flavour. It always tastes artificial to me. Even a fresh picked raspberry tastes like it came right out of a Splenda chemical laboratory.

    Thank you for making this post! For years and years my frustrations and anger about those horrible little berries have been building up. But I never said anything, because what would be the use. And then this great day came along. Cheers Wilhelm2451!


  10. InvisibleMan

    I almost skipped by this one, thinking it was an off-topic post about a food you didn’t like. Glad I stuck around till the end though, you make a very good point :)


  11. SynCaine

    Trolling for raspberry hate traffic again huh? Typical TAGN…

    Plus I bet you will be right back on the bandwagon when the next raspberry expansion is released and everyone is buying it up, although we all know you will never admit to it to protect your e-rep, kid.


  12. dorgol

    @Jason – I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these complainers spent MORE on non-MMOs than I do on WoW. It’s actually my most convincing argument for paying monthly – chances are I would spend more if I were buying new games (figure I would spend $60+ every 3 months instead of the $45 I do now).

    @Willhelm – Nice post. Raspberries are aweful. I’ll admit that I have a dislike for most “berries” (strawberries, blueberries, etc.), but Raspberries are the worst. I also 100% agree that Person A calling out Person B for liking something that Person A hates… usually makes no sense.


  13. Loredena

    I’m with you! I loathe rasberries, I can’t even stand the way they smell. (And I love blackberries, go figure)

    and I love the analogy :) it’s why I stay out of WoW threads. I’ve played the game twice now, for several months at a time, and it just doesnt’ ‘work’ for me the way EQ2 does. But clearly, I am not the majority and that doesn’t make others wrong, just different.


  14. Piacenza

    I don’t like raspberries either – they’re sour, hairy little pockets of wet much with tiny seed pit things. Bleh. Don’t like strawberries or blackberries or grapes much either. Cranberries, yes, from a can on T-day or in a vodka drink. Blueberries on rare occasion or in a muffin. Maybe a snozzberry.

    But red candy is my most very favoritest of all the candy flavors. Raspberry candy = #1!


  15. Piacenza

    ps that should be ‘mush’, not ‘much’. There goes my Pulitzer.

    pps grape is the most VILE of all the candy flavors, closely followed by orange.

    Wait, let me tie this all in with WoW: ever notice all the berry-like food? Skethyl berries. Tundra berries. Telaari grapes. And there are little orange slices on the Fish Feast platter.


  16. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Jenni – I’ve had the allergy test thing… the wonderful scratch torture test. Raspberries are not on my list. I just dislike them.

    @Pia – Believe me, the Pulitzer for Best Blog Comment is a total popularity contest, completely political, and the most deserving comments never have a chance. You’re best off just staying out of that rat race.

    And you have not dealt with in-game berries until you have played Pokemon. So many damn berries.


  17. Piacenza

    I’ve learned my blog comment/webmention lessons from my own batch of internet Mean Girls (and boys).

    Pokemon berries? Is there a gummy version to, say, brighten up a sparkly vodka drink?


  18. Gallaria

    Spot on Wilhelm!

    Strangely enough you and I appear to be the only ones in the entire family – both sides – who feel this way! Aunty M is always bringing raspberry jam for PB&J sandwiches.

    Why do they ruin a perfectly wonderful ooey-gooey chocolate dessert by putting raspberries and raspberry coulis on it??

    And don’t get me started on sparkling raspberry drinks!


  19. Maarkean

    I’m with you. I hate raspberries. I’ve come around on most others (never liked straw or blue as a kid but do now) but still hate all things raspberry.


  20. Anonymous

    It seems crazy to not like a berry, right?!?! Apparently a small percentage of the population find the taste of raspberries to be bitter. I’m one of those folks too. Blech!


  21. Anonymous

    There is something sharp and unique in the flavor of raspberries and I STRONGLY DISLIKE it as well. I’m thoroughly disappointed when told something is a strawberry filled whatever and it’s truly raspberry. Yuck!!


  22. Peter

    I completely agree with the author. I’ve hated raspberries motor 41 years and can’t explain why. Its a personal vendetta we have with each other. I love all other berries, but, for some reason, raspberries are the worst. I was given a mixed frozen berry drink, from a bartender of mine, and she told me to try it. She put 1 raspberry in the drink and that was all I tasted. She didn’t even tell me what she put in it. Agreed entirely and well written.


  23. hythlodayonly

    I was just eating raspberry cheesecake with plenty of fresh raspberries on top and thought,
    Man, God must have really loved us when he made raspberries. Everyone I know absolutely loves raspberries. How could anyone not?
    That’s when the horror of the idea struck me. I pity the person who doesn’t like raspberries. Like, God must hate that person to curse them with taste bud’s that don’t like raspberries. Then I thought, I wonder if anyone doesn’t actually like raspberries. I knew exactly where to find out. Now I am here and low and behold, you exist. Anyway, I don’t really think God hates you. Loathes you, maybe.. 😂 Jk, but in all sincerity you have my deepest condolences. Your life is truly a tragedy.


  24. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @hythlodayonly – Congratulations on leaving what is probably the most sanctimonious comment ever on my blog. Also, since you clearly didn’t do anything besides read the title and rush to the comments, thank you for also proving one of the points I actually made in the post. You help make the internet what it is.


  25. Aficionada

    I’ve sometimes wondered whether I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t like raspberry flavor, because it seems that most people think it’s somehow special and delicious. I feel so happy to learn that I’m not alone! I also totally dislike every kind of artificial sweetener, so I wonder whether other raspberry-dislikers feel the same way. I can tolerate either of these — to be polite — but I won’t take a second bite if I can avoid it.


  26. 60°

    I’ve hated raspberries, everything raspberry flavored, and anything that smelled like raspberries since childhood. There’s something about the smell and flavor that makes me want to gag. I hate the smell of cinnamon as well.


  27. sergioux

    I agree totally with this article. I hate raspberries. I love any other kind of berries. I can’t stand their flavor.


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