The Wisdom of Facebook Ads

Simplicity itself!  Stop playing BORING Games!

Now why didn’t I think of that.

The limitations of the medium show in this ad.  They had so much they wanted to say in a limited space that they couldn’t even fit in the full name of the allegedly non-boring game they were pushing.

While Dungeons & Dragons may not necessarily be boring (depending on your group), the ad actually links to Dungeons & Dragons Online.

In what category is Dungeons & Dragons Online #1?  They didn’t have room to elaborate on that either.  And I’m not sure how “No download needed” isn’t a complete lie.

Finally, for the record, if I find a game boring, I pretty much stop playing of my own accord, generally without even much conci0us thought on the subject.  I tend to just find myself doing other things.

6 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Facebook Ads

  1. Dril

    Perhaps there was a horrible coding mixup and it was meant to be for FramVille? Millions of players, #1 and no download are NOT DOO :P


  2. Jeremy S.

    Don’t you just love the ones that are for totally different games(like casual poker) that state “People who play(in my case) Runes of Magic also like this”

    Seems they use some very transparent and broad ad matching.


  3. yunk

    The funny thing is I started playing LOTRO a few weeks ago again. I haven’t played since before Moria.

    All I want to do is see Moria and see Lothlorien. I am not interested in end game just tooling around sightseeing. That’s all I want to do.

    Can I? no. I am still grinding out quests and this legendary sword.

    I am sick of it already. Seriously? I’m only 52 and the grind is killing me.

    I’m done. again.


  4. Judy Hornaday

    Reading From swords and sorcery to Playdom I was reminded of your Facebook posts. You may enjoy this out-take:

    “Koster said he took each of the company’s game ideas and made $150 Facebook ads for each. Based on the click-through response and the demographics of those people, Koster could determine which games the company would work on.”

    Kinda like polling suckers.


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