Among the Free (to Play) Peoples of Middle-earth

I was wrong.  The game patched up quicker than I anticipated and I was looking at the new game launch splash screen much sooner than I had anticipated.

Money for nothing, Adventure for free

Of course, the first thing I wanted to know was how many Turbine Points I had.  I speculated previously on how many I would end up with via the various Turbine incentives.  In theory, there might be as much as 5,000 waiting for me.  Now was the time to find out.

Only the LOTRO Store was down.

Gandalf Says, "We are closed now!"

I will have to wait to figure that one out.

Still, I earned a good fifty Turbine Points with a set of new deeds and titles for which I qualified.  And that was just on one character.

The actual titles though… as much I love titles…

We were talking about being “Known to the Eglain” on Saturday night.  It sounds a lot like you’re one of the usual suspects.  Somebody’s scabbard goes missing and you’re “known to the Eglain” so they pick up you for questioning.

And “Known Through Bree?”  Me, Bill Ferny, and the town drunk as well I’m sure.

Well, at least the game is up and running and, aside from the store being down, looking good.

I’ll have some time to explore tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Among the Free (to Play) Peoples of Middle-earth

  1. mbp

    I hit level 65 on my main last night just in time for the expansion but it looks like we euros will have to wait a couple of days. No headstart for us.


  2. Yogi

    Can’t say those titles have me jumping with excitement. Too bad the store was down. That is one of the things I am sure a lot of people want to more throughly examine.

    Did you play before it made the move to F2P. Interested to hear what people think of the differences Post-Beta.


  3. Thomas

    I was able to play after a few failed login attempts after 8PM last night. The biggest change besides F2P itself, would probably be the ability to buy the fast mounts long before 35. That of course will speed up leveling in the early game by quite a bit.


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