The Amazing Disappearing Turbine Points

I did get on the morning of the 8th to find that the LOTRO Store was open for business at last.

I was also able to check my Turbine Point balance.  I previously calculated that I might end up with as many as 5,000 of those points that will now be driving, if not the Middle-earth economy, then at least Turbine’s bottom line.

I turned out to be pretty close.  I had 4,540 Turbine Points.

I dug about in the store to see if they had accounted for the various bonus rewards that went into to creating that particular total, but I was unable to find anything.  How it all added up to 4,540 will be left to my imagination I guess.

I did not have time to start spending those points however.  That was going to have to wait.

When I got home, my point total had changed.  Now I had 4,515 points.

25 Turbine points had melted away.  Did I have a leak in my purse?  Was I given 25 points to which I was later deemed to not be entitled?

Again, no accounting was available.  The total simply was.

Still, 25 points… not that big of a deal I suppose.  And it is day one of the store.  Besides, I was more interested in spending a few of those points.

Silinus, my hunter, was feeling particularly constrained when it came to vault space, so the first item on the list was to buy him another 15 slots.  He was at 58 of 60 slots filled.

And the price was just 95 Turbine Points.  Not that dear at all.  And so my point total was down to 4,320

Only, I didn’t get any increase in the number of vault slots.  Or any sort of token that would increase said slots.

I got a receipt for the vault slot upgrade.

95 Turbine Points for what?

I opened a ticket, to which I got a very quick, if less than satisfying response.  The rep suggested that I log out and log back in.  If the additional slots were still missing, and they were, I would have to contact the account support team, who are apparently a different group.

So I realize we’re just in the first 24 hours of the store going live, but I’m already down 120 Turbine Points and I have yet to successfully obtain anything from the LOTRO Store.  And I’m just one guy who is pretty tolerant on the subject of day one MMO blues.

This coming Friday though, there is going to be a lot more people headed into Middle-earth, and the business plan is to get them to spend money and feel so good about it that they spend some more.

I am not keen to try spending any more and I want to.  How are the fresh faced masses going to deal with it?

Now to figure out how to contact the account support team.  It will be in the forums somewhere I am sure.

11 thoughts on “The Amazing Disappearing Turbine Points

  1. Bhagpuss

    Reading this and your horse post, I feel a lot more sanguine about Codemasters’ decision to delay the EU launch of LotRO FTP.

    I would have thought that having your store working would be the number one priority for any F2P operation, too. Did they not test the store at all in beta?


  2. mbp

    There is a dev post on the forums about incorrect TP balances promising it will all be sorted out. It is a big boo boo though. Nothing pisses potential new customers off like a game apparently “stealing” from them.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I spent a couple of thousand Turbine Points in beta, including the very upgrade on the very character in question, and it all worked fine then.

    We have, I think, discovered the real reason for the head start: Let people who like the game already find the first few whoppers.


  4. Thomas

    The store worked great in beta(tested the store on the last day of beta), I spent 10000 points with no issues. I have not bought anything on live, so I guess I won’t buy anything until the problems get fixed. Maybe Sauron is stealing our Turbine points?


  5. Thilandril

    As far as the 25 points goes, I think they had a problem with the game awarding people some Turbine Points for some or all of those reputation deeds they spam you with at first login. You will be able to earn a few points from completing deeds, but you weren’t supposed to earn them for things you had accomplished prior to F2P going live. I saw a similar modification, which I’m assuming was the correction.

    When it’s all said and done, I’m guessing that if you neither spend nor add points over the next few days you’ll end up with 4500 points. I think all those loyalty points were awarded as big round numbers divisible by 100.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Wraith808 – The harbingers of QA doom:

    It works on my machine. (this is always the debug version with the in-line debugger attached and tracing turned on to maximum.)

    It was just a small change, so I didn’t bother unit testing it before I checked it in to the build.

    Dev slipped their schedule but we’ve committed the date to a customer, so QA will have to make up the time. (Because when dev is behind, the quality of the code always goes up, right?)

    These things used to bother me when I was young. Then I learned to just laugh, do what I could to fix things, and enjoy the ride.


  7. wraith808


    I started out in QA. Though I really didn’t want to, and was always looking for ways to code, I’m glad for the experience, and think that it would be good for *all* developers to have some time in QA. :)

    But that’s OT… I logged on and had my full 4500… I’m now down to 700… I got my shared storage to max, my cosmetic storage to near max, and the riding skill and a horse for my main. Though that last bit was really a waste… it does help. :) As casual as I am (been in since the beginning, and my max is 30) any boost is a boon…


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