How I Got My 5,000 Turbine Points

As I posted last night, I ended up with 4,500 Turbine Points as part of their loyalty rewards program.

Today, Turbine sent me an email with the details, including a nice little chart detailing how those points were doled out.

A Nice Little Chart

I have that accounting that I was looking for now.

Of course, I figured way back, and boy I’ve linked this post quite a bit lately, that I was going to get 5,000 points.  But they went live with Free to Play a month earlier than I figured they would.

But the note from Turbine also included a bonus.

Also, as a LOTRO Beta participant this summer, you also receive a point code for additional 500 Turbine Points. To redeem the code, go to the LOTRO Store and click the Add Points button in the top-right section. Then, click on the REDEEM MY CARD button. Finally, select Turbine Points Code as the type of points code to redeem, then copy and paste your code into the Enter Points Code field and click REDEEM NOW.

500 additional points, rounding me up to an even 5,000.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Now about my bank slots….

8 thoughts on “How I Got My 5,000 Turbine Points

  1. P@tsh@t

    Thank you. You’ve restored peace in the potshot household. Mrs. P and I had wildly different starting point totals. Beta points accounts for the diff.


  2. Green Armadillo

    Huh, I didn’t receive any “point code” for having been a beta tester. That said, I didn’t subscribe just to collect my “loyalty points”, so maybe the beta bonus is subscribers only?


  3. Thomas

    I have about 3k points so far plus Turbine sent me a 500 point code for being in the beta. Because I bought my lifetime sub around the 10th of the mouth I guess I need to wait a bit for the rest of my points.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Xaric – Did you participate in the Free to Play beta over the summer? That was where they gave out some points. Plus you got some more if you were a subscriber and played at least once each calendar month between the announcement for F2P and it going live.


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