Daily Archives: September 15, 2010

A Strangely Accurate Facebook Ad

Facebook ads come in wacky flavors, usually because they are trying to shovel too much information into a Twitter-sized medium.

And, too often, that attempt ends somewhere between gross exaggerations and outright lies.

So it is nice, once in a while, to see a Facebook ad that is not only targeted at the right audience, but which actually falls within the realm of credulity.

Okay, maybe the hyperbole is still evident… the ultimate WWII online simulation seems to be setting the bar pretty high… but it is at least isn’t claiming to be like Pokemon, banned in Utah, and requiring no download. It is even a game I’ve looked into before.

I’ve seriously considered playing the game being advertised… World War II Online… or Blitzkrieg… or Battleground Europe… whichever name is correct these days… but have never quite gotten there.

So, for an ad, it is pretty well targeted.