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EVE Online Screen Shot Contest – Win PLEX

It is time for another contest. As with my past contests, this one is specific to a single game.

This time around, EVE Online is the game.

If you don’t want to read my boring rationalization for the contest, skip down to the heading that says “The Contest.”

You might know that I run another blog that is focused on EVE called EVE Online Pictures.

The Shot That Inspired The Blog

It is mostly screen shots with very few words. The few words part can be difficult for me as I often feel the need to explain the significance or background of a given screen shot. But I manage to hold off that need most of the time.

The pattern of the site is simple.  I post two screen shots a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some times I post more, but usually it is just two a week. I tend to pick them out and queue them up to post about a month in advance. It is a pretty low maintenance affair.

Only I haven’t been playing much EVE Online lately. I’ve been playing a bit of the economic game to extend my subscription, since I’ve been living on ISK purchased PLEX since May. And, of course, there is the skill training game. But I haven’t done much else since the Twilight Cadre wormhole expedition fell by the wayside.

Which means that I have not been taking very many screen shots.

I have a couple of thousand EVE screen shots sitting in various folders, so I could probably go on for a few years on what I have squirreled away, I tend to prefer posting screen shots I have taken recently. Digging through the old screen shots is kind of a pain and I seem to pick out the same shots each time through the pile. I’ve managed to post a duplicate picture only once, it is annoying to pick out the perfect shot to realize that it was also the perfect shot three months back.

My solution of late has been to hang out in Amarr, the Jita of Amarr Empire space, and to take screen shots of passing ships and the battles that erupt there from time to time. But those screen shots all seem to have the same “feel” to them, at least to me, so I hate to just keep posting them.

So I want so fresh screen shots. This is where you come in.

The Contest

The contest is simple.

You send me your best EVE Online screen shot.

I look at all the entries, pick the best ones, send out prizes.

What could be more simple?

Well, there are rules and stuff.  Click on “more” to see the whole deal.

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