Proust in His First Book Wrote About, Wrote About…

While I’m in on Facebook ads of late, I thought I would share this absolute stunner.

Do you get a lot of fans of Marcel Proust on Facebook then?

My first thought was that I must have “liked” Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  Right, that one episode, that must be it.

But no, none of the relatively few items I have “liked” on Facebook… because there is, honestly, relatively little to like… has anything to do with Monty Python.

No, something else seems to have targeted me as somebody who might be interested in Proust… or a book about Proust.  Well, it isn’t even a book about Proust, it is a book about somebody who is obsessed with Proust.  Go figure.

I’m not sure what criteria HarperCollins was using, but I guess Facebook ads are cheap.

Well, I am guessing they are cheap, judging on who buys them.

1 thought on “Proust in His First Book Wrote About, Wrote About…

  1. Chestone

    Maybe you liked ‘Little Miss Sunshine’? It has a bit about Proust in it that might have lead to the loosely targeted ad. Just a guess.


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