They are Dragons… And They are Playing Pool!

I read somewhere that the coming collapse of Facebook games was going to be driven, in part, by Facebook now charging market rates for ads.

And then this ad popped up on my side bar in Facebook.

Either somebody is paying a lot to market… uh… items of limited appeal, or Facebook hasn’t quite hit the level of market rate.

Hand painted, pool playing dragons anyone?

6 thoughts on “They are Dragons… And They are Playing Pool!

  1. mbp

    Utterly ridiculous. Totally preposterous. Who in their right mind would buy such a thing.

    Um…the image in your blog doesn’t click through to the sellers website. You wouldn’t happen to have the url would you? Purely for research purposes you understand;)


  2. PeterD

    Why oh why are Facebook ads so bad? Even I could write better marketing speak for ads, I mean really? At least the text for this one is actually about the product in question.

    Hey Facebook ad people, I can do this better and I’ll work cheap! :P


  3. BenD

    And they are computer-generated illustrations!

    …I remember when the Hamilton Collection actually produced a few models for the photography before trying to generate sales.


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