The Longest Achievement

Or the longest wait for an achievement.

My daughter announced that Brewfest had begun last weekend.

Now, last year the instance group pretty much beat Brewfest to death.  I got the Brewmaster title, we collected tokens, we killed Coren Direbrew nearly two dozen times, lederhosen was worn, and we danced in the streets of Dalaran.

How you doin'?

There was just one Brewfest achievement left, the Brew of the Month Club.

That Last Brewfest Achievement

It is an optional achievement.  You don’t need to do it to get the Brewmaster title.  But the completionist in me wanted to check off that last box.

To get there, one had to earn enough tokens to buy a membership… some 200 tokens for the privileged.  So I diligently did the Brewfest daily quests… well… daily until I had enough tokens to buy my outfit, my beer keg, my membership, and whatever else I needed.

And so, the year long brew of the month club membership began.

On the first of each month a new brew would appear in my in-game mailbox.  All I had to do was drink it, and I was another step closer to that last achievement.

Months went by and little checks went into the achievement tracker.

August 1st came, I drank the brew of the month.  I was, at that point, just one beer away from being done.

And then I let my World of Warcraft account lapse.  The instance group was playing Lord of the Rings Online this summer, I was out of work so I was even less keen than usual to pay for an account I was not using, and my latest 3-month subscription term was due at the end of the first week of the month.  I canceled my subscription.

So summer turned to autumn as we played in Middle-earth, leaving Azeroth for another time.

Then, as I said way up at the top, my daughter announced it was Brewfest.  I was employed again, she wanted to run around and do some of the activities, and I wanted that last achievement.  So I resubscribed after only a 6 week hiatus.  It can be hard to stay away.

And the first thing I did was log on with Vikund to check my main for that last, oh so satisfying beer.

Only my mail box was empty.  No beer for me.

I am going to guess that you have to be subscribed on the first of the month to get your monthly brew, and I was not.

Oh dear.

Still, I wanted to finish off that last Brewfest achievement.

So now I am back to doing daily quests to earn the 200 tokens.  that will take me less than an hour each over four evenings to do.

Then I have to buy the membership.

And then I have to wait 11 more months until we’re back to September first.  I have to remember to stay subscribed.  And I have to drink that last beer.

See what the achievement oriented player will do, just to check off one box.

8 thoughts on “The Longest Achievement

  1. cyanbane

    I think either:

    a.) Blizzard should create a brewer class to help you (everyone) along with this achievement.

    b.) Someone from Blizzard should buy you a damn beer. Lord knows you have written about them enough.

    *holds up his Bell’s Two Hearted*


    (also gratz on the new job).


  2. Nigel

    Since it’s still September, can’t you get the monthly beer off the vendor besides the one you turn the membership into?

    Also, even though you didn’t get the monthly beer, you may still be a member and be able to get the beer off the vendor.


  3. Rohan

    Go to the tavern in Ironforge. There’s a vendor there that sells the current brew of the month.

    I was able to buy the Binary Brew from her, even though I just signed up for the Brew of the Month club a couple days ago.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The vendor is there, and it is still September, but apparently my membership expired on the first of the month, so she won’t give me a beer, and I am so thirsty.

    So I have to get out and earn those 200 tokens still.

    And I had better do it quick. There isn’t much of September left!


  5. Joe

    Hurry up people! I didn’t do the Brew of the Month last year. I got it this year, and was immediately able to buy the Binary Brew from the vendor in Ironforge. Don’t forget you can do the keg runs for tokens, even though it’s not actually a quest.


  6. Kevin

    One of my chars ran into the exact same issue even though I never let my subscription lapse. Them’s goblins for ya, trying to get away with sending only 11 brews for the year. Fortunately 200 tokens were even simpler this year with the Dark Iron invasion being a daily now.


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