Civ V – Some Progress

I thought I was on to something today that would help with my Civilization V problems.

After shutting down all unnecessary processes on the machine, I decided to run try altering the run properties for the game.

My logon account is already in the Administrator group, so I didn’t think that would change anything, but XP has an option to run without protection from unauthorized activity.

I unchecked that box, wondering if it would change anything.

Really, it is hard to say if it did, or if just random chance or some other action got things going, but things did get going better than ever.

I managed to play 89 turns.

I was far enough into the game that I was starting to learn something about playing.

Most Turns Ever

I was invested enough in the game that I will probably go back and try to play from one of the save points.

However, after turn 89 the game hung.  Something in the executable was stuck in a loop as it was again driving the processor full blast, although only one of the core this time, but nothing was happening.  I let it churn for about 10 minutes, then force quit the process.

Of course, I was unable to launch the game again after that.

There seems to be two hurdles to playing.

First, there is launching the game.  This seems to get hung up on something, as the game ab ends four out of five times before I get to the main menu.

Then there is actually keeping the game going.  The process gets hung up on something, probably falling through an unhandled  exception over and over again to infinity.  But what the trigger is for that, I have not yet determined.  I’ve spent so little time actually getting to that error.

Still, there was a bit of progress today.  At least Steam rolled over and is actually measuring my play time in approximate hours (2) rather than minutes.

7 thoughts on “Civ V – Some Progress

  1. Vads

    Just buy Vista or Windows 7 already. If you’re the technical type I can understand your reasons for staying on XP, but at the same time, how can you expect software released today to be fully compatible with a 9 year old operating system, with the way games have developed over the last few years ?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I did have to stay on XP for work, at least up through May. I actually had to stay on XP and IE6, otherwise things didn’t work. And, technically, the client software at my current job only supports XP. But I am a contractor, so I don’t bring work home. There is some benefit to a no benefits position.

    And, while I agree XP is old, nobody put a gun to the collective head of 2K Games and said they had to support XP. But there it is on the side of the box, if you buy the box.

    But, in general, I agree with you. I just have to decide how I want to proceed if I upgrade. More on that with Monday’s post.


  3. mbp

    When all else fails test your memory:

    Its just a wild guess but I have seen memory faults cause this type of frustrating crash before. Ninety nine out of a hundred programs appear to work fine but then you get one which does a particular combination of writes and reads to memory that causes things to crash.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Hudson – I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with that link. In the previous post I noted that I had a quad core processor and the story you linked said, “Hey, multi-core processors are good with Civ V.”

    @MBP – I’ll take a look at it, though I’m on my second set of RAM, so I would hope that it isn’t the problem, but you never know.


  5. Magson

    I bought the game yesterday and stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late playing it last night. I had a hard crash to desktop at about turn 300 and used that as my excuse to actually go to bed. Other than that, I’ve not had any trouble with it, fortunately.


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