Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

How Useful is the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?

Not very.

I swear, some days it is like they don’t want to sell me a new operating system.

But let me pull back and tell my minor tale.

I thought I had better do some research into another aspect of the upgrade equation.  I thought I had better look into how much software I am going to have to buy upgrades for in order to get going with Windows 7.

It is fun to talk about the hardware, and it cost there can add up, but you cannot ignore the software end of things either.

As in the past, Microsoft has a utility you can run on your system to help you with that information.

I remember past versions of that utility, used for operating systems long gone.  It was a utility of negativity.  There was the inevitable short list of items that were compatible, and then the huge, arm-length list of items of that were either known to be incompatible or were unknown.  And unknown was always assumed to be incompatible.

But even with all the negativity, the utility at least told you something.  You got a hint at what might work or might not.

So I grabbed the current utility, the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see what it had to say.

I downloaded it, installed it, and ran it.  It churned for about 10 minutes on my computer and then Microsoft’s Grand Software Vizier came up with its report.

The Magic Advisor Says...

Seven items total were mentioned.

Six were listed as fully compatible.

Four of those were from Microsoft.

One of them was the damn Upgrade Advisor.  Glad to know that will still work after I upgrade!

And they weren’t really sure about Steam.

But none of the other applications on my machine was mentioned anywhere.  Not a one.

You would think that World of Warcraft might have been deemed significant enough for notice.  Or maybe Microsoft Office 2003.  Have you heard of that before?  Is it going to run on Windows 7?

Yes, it told me a few other things.  It said my PC was capable of running Windows 7.  I had figured that one out myself.  And it told me it had never heard of our printer before.  Who are these Epson people?  How long have they been making printers?

Nice work there Microsoft.  Really a bang up job.

I was invited to go to their compatibility web site and search for individual applications.  You know, something you would expect this particular application to handle for me.

I tried that for a bit.  It appears to serve as a showcase for companies to display the latest version of their software with no mention of software they might have been selling up to very recently.  I’m looking at you Corel.

Well, I guess it is going to take a dive into the pool to tell me how deep the water really is.