Wikio Say I’m Still Number 29

Again this month I was contacted by somebody at Wikio… though somebody different… and asked if I would like to post the early version of the gaming blog rankings.

Last month I was in 29th place.

This month I am still in 29th place.

Let’s hear it for consistency… or constancy… or something.

Anyway, here is the September list.

(Actually, they call it the October list, because they publish it in October, but it is based on data collected in September.  So I find September to be a more accurate description.)

  1. Kotaku
  2. Joystiq
  3. PlayStation.Blog
  4. Destructoid
  5. Siliconera
  6. Game|Life – Wired Blog
  7. GameSetWatch
  8. Massively
  9. Penny-Arcade
  10. – The Weblog
  11. WOW Insider
  12. GiantBomb’s Site Mashup
  14. The Brainy Gamer
  15. PlayStation LifeStyle
  16. That VideoGame Blog
  17. Broken Toys
  18. Ian Bogost
  19. Jay is Games
  20. Dueling Analogs
  21. PS3 NEWS
  22. Fidgit
  23. Gamezebo
  24. Koku Gamer
  25. Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
  27. Cinema Blend Games
  28. Kill Ten Rats
  29. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  30. Virtual Worlds News

Ranking made by Wikio

It looks like it is going to be a pretty static list month after month.

I couldn’t be bothered to actually compare the two lists to see if anybody changed positions.  That would take more effort than I am willing to invest.

I did notice was that The Koalition, who held the bottom spot last month, was replaced by Virtual World News this month.  My condolences to The Koalition.

Oh, and the GayGamer got in behind Tobold.  I’m sure there is deeper meaning in that.

So what do you think of this list?  Should I continue posting it every month, if I continue to make the top 30?  They only invite you to preview it if you are on the list.

Oh, and WoW Insider changed their name to like a year ago.  Get with the times.

6 thoughts on “Wikio Say I’m Still Number 29

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Anjin – Well I’ll be buggered, so it has! When did that happen?

    Better change my blogroll!

    Shows how often I’ve been there of late. I tend to favor Massively, as… or WoW Insider again… delivers WoW information at a rate that has proven to cause cancer in laboratory rats.

    Oh, I see AOL wants for a discount shopping site URL! Yes, spool makes no sense.

    And The WoW folks have be stuck with Joystiq.

    Still, I feel more up to date than Wikio who is still pointing to the URL.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Carson – Sadly, the site will probably make more money flogging useless daily discount “deals” that it will being a news site for one of the biggest money making online games.

    Now where does the new fall on this map?


  3. P@tsh@t

    Crap, I voted before I saw the stapling machine for badgers.

    We have a deep family tradition regarding stapling machines and badgers. I’ve done a great disservice to my kin and kin-laws.


  4. Larísa

    It’s a bit curious. Strangely enough I used to hang around in the higher ranks at MassiveBlips when it was around. At this ranking list I don’t even make it into top 100. Obviously they must make their ranking in very different ways.


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