Last Chance for EVE Online Screen Shot Contest

Entries for the EVE Online screen shot contest have to be in my mail box 19:00 hours UTC (also 19:00 hours in-game on EVE Online), which translates to Noon (12:00pm) Pacific Time and 3:00pm (15:00) Eastern Time for places that observe daylight savings time.

So you have a little time left, but not much.

So far I have 97 screen shots sent in from 23 different people, which means I have far exceeded my initial goal of 10 people and 30 screen shots.  And there are some stunning entries.  It is going to take me the full week to sort out the winners.  But I could always use a few more entries.

The best, and most common, complaint about the contest is people frustrated at having to pare down their entries to just five choices.  I know it is tough.  On the other hand, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Rules, prizes, justifications, categories, and general information about the contest can be found here.

Meanwhile, here is an entry from CJ Didge entitled “Warning.”




I also want to thank Kirith Kodachi of The Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah for mentioning this contest on his blog, which has considerably more EVE cred than I’ll ever possess.  There was a noticeable jump in entries after that post.