EVE Online Screen Shot Contest is Now Closed to Entries

The time has come.  The contest is now closed to new entries.

I received entries from the following players.  These are the names that were requested to be used for attribution, along with the website if so requested.

If you entered but do not see yourself on the list, or if I have hosed your name or web link in some way, drop me a note.

That is 26 people in the contest, who together sent in a total of 112 screen shots.

Now for the tough part; picking the winners.

Well, that and figuring out how to use the contract system to award the two top winners their PLEX.

Since some people went out of their way to match some of the possible categories I had listed in the contest rules, I am going to stick with those.  I don’t want to run one of those “ignore the rules when it comes to awarding prizes” contests, if you know what I mean.  Those categories are:

  • Best picture featuring a rookie ship (Ibis, Velator, Reaper, or Impairor)
  • Best picture featuring a ringed planet
  • Best picture featuring a planet or moon (no rings)
  • Best picture featuring a space station (player or NPC)
  • Best explosion picture (we love things that go boom)
  • Best classic graphics picture (dig into the archives)
  • Best mining operation picture (rock breaking)
  • Best industrial ship picture (haulers of all sizes)
  • Best drone picture
  • Best guns/lasers/missiles blazing picture
  • Best spacescape
  • Best humorous picture
  • Best altered picture

I still might create a couple more categories if I find a shots that are truly deserving.

And, finally, because I like to include a picture with every post if I can, here is the very last picture entered in the contest. (Based on the time stamp of when I downloaded it.)

From ColdCuz:


Ogre Formation


Look for the winners next Sunday.

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