Daily Archives: October 12, 2010

Winner of the Last LOTRO Lottery?

One of the things that has gone away with the change to the free to play model with Lord of the Rings Online is the regular lottery.

There was a regular series of lotteries that one used to be able to sign up for on a weekly basis that gave out prizes that varied from merely handy to pretty darn cool.  I managed to win one or two in the past, including one with a really nice cloak as a prize.

But since free to play has come, the lottery has disappeared.  And I don’t think it got lost on the new and annoying community site.  I have looked around for it, but haven’t been able to find a word.

So the last LOTRO lottery sent out prizes back on August 30th.

I’m pretty sure of that date because I was one of the winner.




There was some coinage, 200 silver, and a set of very nice level 50 jewelry.


Matched Set of Beryl Jewelry

There is a bit more incentive to get to Moria before December 7th.

And, I won the whole thing twice, since two of my characters were winners.  So I received a double set of jewelry.

Maybe it is gone for good.  Maybe there is just too much going on with the big boost in players.  Maybe it will be back some day.  But whatever happens, the LOTRO Lottery was pretty good to me at the end.