EVE Online Screen Shot Contest Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the EVE Online Screen Shot Contest.

The top two entrants will each win a PLEX, a 30 day Pilot License EXtension, which will give them 30 days of game time… or around 330 million ISK if they decide to sell the PLEX in-game.

Another group of entries will each earn 10 million ISK for submitting the best picture for a given list of categories.

About picking the winners

I had 112 pictures to choose from, entered by 26 individuals.

It was not easy to choose.   And the choosing was complicated by letting people enter five pictures, but then only allowing a single prize to go to any given person.  Some people sent me pictures that were contenders in five different categories.  Heck, you will see a few pictures that won that could easily have covered a couple of categories.  Conflicts in with people being in more than one category caused me to scrap the Rookie Ship category, as the people who were contending for that had winners in other categories.

In the end, once I picked a winner, all the other shots from that person had to be set aside.  So, aside from the two overall prizes, you might view the rest as the best picture that was qualified to win.

That said, there are some pretty awesome pictures on the list from a game that can really make you feel like you’re looking through a window into space.

Now on to the winners.

Best Picture Featuring a Ringed Planet

Rifters always look cool.  The improve any screen shot.

Rifter in Flight

Player: Kirith Kodachi

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Picture Featuring a Planet or Moon (No Rings)

Lots of good planet shots, but this planet just jumps out and grabs you.

Navy Comet Victory

Player: Lucy Midnight

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Picture Featuring a Space Station (NPC or Player)

A tough category.  There were lots of choices.  I like the serenity of this one.  Things are just passing by.


Player: Jaggins

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Docking Bay Picture

An added category, as I got a few of these, including this one which I really like.  I always think those Amarr freighters (big ship with the flaring blue engines) look like the rebel transports in Star Wars.

Undocking in Jita

Player: Arvash

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Classic Graphics Picture

POS in 21M1-B

Player: De’Vadder

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best explosion picture

I had a few big explosion pictures, but I must admit something of a bias against the big white multi-point star explosions that EVE has now.  So this picture got the nod.

Drones get the kill

Player: Krotfric McEnchroe

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Mining Operation Picture

A variety of ships, lots of lasers, and that planet hanging there in space.

Mining Gang Above an Ocean World.

Player: Merchantus

PrizeL 10 million ISK

Best industrial ship picture

Two common haulers pushing on to their next destination.

The Slow Race

Player: Siebellius

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best drone picture

There is just a feeling of visceral power in this picture.

Ogre Formation

Player: ColdCutz

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best guns/lasers/missiles blazing picture

Lots of incoming and outgoing fire on this one.


Player: Leonard Achana

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best Spacescape

Not really a spacescape as I imagined the category, but I didn’t have anything that quite fit what I imagined, so I obviously didn’t define it well enough.  But I love this picture.  It has such a gritty feel to it.

Sightseeing Imperial Navy Slicer

Player: Latrodanes

Prize: 10 million ISK

Most Ships on Screen

I would have loved to see this formation arrive out of warp together.

Fleet in Warp

Player: pkudude99

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best humorous picture

A giant sign.  In space.  With a message.


Player: CJ Didge

Prize: 10 million ISK

Best altered picture

Gift wrapped.

Rev for Christmas

Player: Onyxalia La’fiette

Prize: 10 million ISK

The Emperor’s Imperial Navy Recruiting Poster Prize

Such a great composition that I had to create a category for it.

Irony: There are no Amarr ships in the picture.

Go Forth

Player: Orkanen

Prize: 10 million ISK

Most Orange in a Screenshot

How much orange could it be?  There were contenders for this prize.

Drone Hive World

Player: Acer Tinkari

Prize: 10 million ISK

Grand Prize Winner #2

There is such a 2001 – A Space Odyssey feeling to this picture that I was drawn to it immediately.  It is the Federation Navy Testing Facility at Pucherie IV – Moon 11.

Eye of the Needle

Player: Ardon Gareau of Chasm City Syndicate

Prize: One PLEX

Grand Prize Winner #1

I kept coming back to this picture.  I love the detail you see on this carrier based fighter, the thrusters lit as it maneuvers.

Close and Personal

Player: Hull Nightstar

Prize: One PLEX


And that is it.  Congratulations to all the winners!

I will be sending out prizes this week.  I am in the midst of changing over computers, otherwise I would have sent them out already.  If your picture is on the list and your character has not gotten anything by next weekend, drop me a note.  Likewise, if I made any mistakes, drop me a line.  I think I caught all of my major errors when proof reading.

I want to thank everybody who entered.  The pictures were great.

I will be posting all of the entries over time at my other blog, EVE Online Pictures, starting this week.  I will post the pictures that did not get a prize (but were contenders) first.  It will take a while to get through them, as I post just two pictures a week.  But that will give you a reason to keep visiting.

Thanks again!

24 thoughts on “EVE Online Screen Shot Contest Winners

  1. pkudude99

    Love that “Eye of the Needle” shot — definitely a big winner. I think I have a screenie of that station, just not from that angle. And it’s all about the angle that makes that shot so awesome.

    Which is why I’m not a photographer. I never think of thinks like that, I always try to show the whole thing, not get a kewl look.


  2. Arvash

    Great contest and some great responses. I had one of those Warning signs too – but it went by the way side in the 5-shot limit (dang, that was hard).

    My fave among your winners is “Fleet in Warp” – I had some fleet shots I thought were cool but they just don’t compare to this one. Wow.

    Thanks for the award for “Jita Undocking”!


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  5. Jaggins

    Thanks for choosing one of my shots! What a great field of entries, there are some beauties. I think my personal favorite is the docking shot from Jita by Arvash. That is great composition.


  6. DeVadder

    Yay, thanks for the prize.

    Great shots in there, though i have to admit, the winning picture is not my favorite but it fits very good to what you said youd like ^^

    Im totally checking eve pictures every other day now, i want to see more of them now. Will you add a few lines to them stating what you liked about them and what not so much? That would be awesome.


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  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Gordon – In hindsight, I probably should have called the category “Most Alien Looking Picture.” It got “Most Orange” because HZ’s shots seem to be from the orange end of the galaxy.

    @DeVadder – I’ll see what I can do. I try to limit text on the pictures blog plus, being human, I’ll probably change my mind on some pictures as I post them over time.

    I will up the posting schedule to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for a while, so you’ll see more pictures sooner. The whole contest was driven by a need to find more pictures to post, so I don’t want to blow them all too quickly.


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  11. Laedy

    Damn, I missed all this until now. What great screenshots! I love the orange one especially. Those drones look so cool and creepy ^^
    Good job picking through the winners


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