BlizzCon Costume & Dance Contest Notes

We watched the contest segment on DirecTV tonight and I have to say that was really some of the worst camera work I’ve seen in a long time.

I realize that the whole thing seemed to be coming together in sort of an ad hoc fashion, but who in the control room was saying, “Yeah, from the knees down, that is the angle we want for the one close up on these costumes!”

They would have been better off nailing a camera down on a table, taping a mark on the stage and telling people to stand there and show their stuff while the video crew went out for a drink.

Okay, the camera work settled down… some… and managed to do okay after a while, but only once most of the costume contestants had already had their big moment blown.

I’m sure the guy who went out and asked his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of the costume contest got big points, though the women in the audience shouted at him until he went down on one knee and asked in what they felt was a proper fashion.

Too bad nobody queued the announcer up on this event.  The whole thing went off with barely a word.  But then the announcer for that segment seemed to be less than connected with the whole thing.

That is what they get for sending Jay Mohr off stage for a bit.  He holds the whole contest routine together.

Then the dance contest had the expected Worgen and Goblin dancers.

But no human female dance entrants in the dance contest?  What was up with that?

And a guy doing the dwarf female dance was one of the finalists again.  But not the same guy as last year, who won.  No he got beat out by a different guy this year.

The winner though was the guy who did the dwarf male dance.

There is a lesson in that for next year I’m sure… doing the dwarven dances will get you there.  Dwarves for the win.

Finally, the woman playing the violin in the band was smokin’ hot.  I’m glad the camera was on her a lot of the time.

11 thoughts on “BlizzCon Costume & Dance Contest Notes

  1. coppertopper

    “Worth the price of admission?”

    I imagine a lot of people will be asking themselves that after the whole thing is over.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The costumes were not quite as good as last year. The winner, who was in a female Diablo III monk outfit, did a tremendous job and looked great, but it wasn’t a huge “OMG Lookit That!” moment.

    @Coppertopper – Worth the price of admission is pretty relative. $40 to watch the panels and interviews and the like is worth it to me. I’d learn all the details anyway, but stories with bullet points for the features tend to squeeze all the emotion and back story out of what happened.

    As for the people on the ground in Anaheim who dropped a lot more cash on this event… well, being there has got to be an experience in itself. A big enough experience that a lot of people want to go again and again.


  3. Pewter

    I definitely recall someone doing the Macarena during the dance contest, which is…the human female dance ;)

    That said, she was bad, even for a macarena.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My daughter and I were standing in front to the TV dancing along (or trying… or not trying at all in some cases, like the troll male dance) and the Macarena is pretty much the only dance I can actually do, so I must have missed it somehow.

    Or the contestant was doing it so badly that I didn’t notice. You weren’t thrown off by the woman doing the Gnome female dance. That went so badly that it could have been mistaken for a number of things.


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