Bloodline Champions Closed Beta Invite

Did everybody get one of these closed beta invites to Bloodline Champions?

Welcome to the Closed Beta

Because it certainly seemed like everybody I asked got one.

Granted, everybody I asked had, in some way, given their email address to FunCom in the past.

Often the way was somewhat tenuous.

I mean, the email said this:

Funcom would like to thank you for your continued loyal support by giving you free access to the closed beta for Bloodline Champions, a player vs. player arena game that will truly put your gaming skills to the test. Easy to learn, challenging to master – Bloodline Champions is set to become one of the most important games within its genre.

But in my case, continued loyal support seems to be the fact that I signed up for the Clan of Conan newsletter about a year before Age of Conan shipped… and that’s it.  I never played the game.  Nor did I ever try out Anarchy Online.

Not what I would call loyal support.  I supposed I never clicked on the unsubscribe link for the newsletter, though that was mostly because it seemed to show up so sporadically.

And just in case you somehow didn’t get invite, each person who did also got two beta keys to hand out to friends.

Really, one of the most open closed beta I’ve seen.

Too bad the game doesn’t interest me in the least, important to its genre or not.

And what is its genre anyway?

11 thoughts on “Bloodline Champions Closed Beta Invite

  1. ffox

    the genre must be MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena – the shiny new acronym for all the dota-like and derivative games from Demigod to LoL and Dota2


  2. stargrace

    Heh I was trying to guess why the heck this showed up in my in-box when I had not subscribed to anything at all. Then a few of my close friends also mentioned they had received the email, after also not subscribing or playing anything Funcom related. Not really interested in the game what so ever, and I have no idea what genre it is.. =X


  3. Winged Nazgul

    The genre is DotA style gameplay.

    This genre is getting more popular with even Valve announcing an upcoming DOTA 2. It differs from current games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth in that BC emphasizes player skill over level-gaining strategies.

    I actually prefer their version as I am not normally a fan of DotA games. But Guild Wars is sucking up too much of my time these days for me to do more than a cursory examination.


  4. Vanguard

    Bloodline Champions is not DotA. It is more like WOW-Arena or Diablo3 Arena, but without the grind, gear and randomness. Movement is done with WASD and all abilities are skillshots.

    Funcom is only the publisher, BLC is developed by Stunlock Studios, a small Swedish company started by a bunch of university students.

    The game has been in closed beta since January, so with the recent mass invitations we can assume that it will be open beta in a very near future.


  5. dave

    I got one too. My only interaction with Funcom is that I slummed around in Anarchy Online a couple of times when I was bored with other MMO’s.

    That being said, I did sort of like AO, I just didn’t have any friends that played and for me an MMO is a group thing.

    I have no interest in this game though.


  6. Ysharros

    If signing up for the newsletter gets you a Secret World beta spot, I will hunt you down and … er, scold you very harshly.

    And then I will steal your beta spot.


  7. Bhagpuss

    I haven’t got an invite, even though I have a (free) Anarchy Online account that I still use now and again.

    It’s okay though. I’m about as likely to try any game in this genre as I am to take up hang-gliding. Actually, less likely.


  8. Dracon

    Ah… That explains why I got that closed beta invite from Bloodlines Champion, thanking me for my continued loyal support of Funcom. I signed up for that Age of Conan newsletter that arrived only once in a while, and I never played the game.


  9. MMOGamer

    The game is still around. Funcom shut it down but the developer picked up the game itself and is only avail through Steam now. Anyone still play? I think its still fun


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